Corner Three: Q&A with Drew Champlin of Alabama Media Group

Q: Alabama moved senior Ricky Tarrrant into the starting lineup after the fifth game and he responded by scoring 17 and 23 points. Why did coach Anthony Grant make that move and how does Tarrant starting change Alabama's attack?

I think that was the plan all along, but Tarrant was injured during preseason practice and didn't practice much because of a lower leg injury. As he got eased into action, coaches made the move before the USF game. Anthony Grant always says it's a team game, doesn't matter who starts, etc., but I think coaches just wanted to get him back in the starting lineup and with a week between games, that was the best time. Tarrant's a better scorer than Justin Coleman and Coleman's a better distributor, but both play on the floor at the same time a bit and that can be effective.

Q: Levi Randolph is averaging 18.9 points, double his average last season. Why has Randolph's production improved so significantly?

Last year, I think it was the Trevor Releford show and everyone else ran around. That's not saying Releford was some type of ballhog - far from the truth - but now that he's graduated, someone had to step up and it's been Levi. He's always been a pretty talented player, but now has the confidence to take over games.

Q: The Tide gave up 47.6 percent shooting from three-point range in losses to Iowa State and Xavier. How would Nick Saban improve Alabama's perimeter defense?

Well, Nick Saban's defense has a problem with the deep balls as well. On a serious note, I think Alabama's bigger problems come from not having enough girth down low.