What they’re saying about the Shockers

Former Shockers Cal Bruton (left) and Cheese Johnson on their way to Denton, Texas for the 1976 NCAA Tournament.
Former Shockers Cal Bruton (left) and Cheese Johnson on their way to Denton, Texas for the 1976 NCAA Tournament.

Links to national and regional stories about Wichita State and the MVC


Wichita State wanted Cameron Payne when other high-profile schools didn’t. He went to Murray State.

The Pantagraph: MVC coaches aren’t sure how much the shot clock will help offenses. Returning guards give UNI a strong start on following up 2015’s success.

Grantland: A cautionary tale for Wichita State football.

Washington Post: Former WSU coach Mark Turgeon talks regret and family life.

Former Drake women’s basketball star Kyndal Clark transfers to Nebraska for her final season.

From 2014: A look at Gal Mekel’s relationship with trainer David Thorpe.

Missouri State’s Eric Cheray turns down minors to start coaching career. Bradley adds a ninth freshman to its basketball roster. Braves won’t play games on campus under the new leadership.

Gene Stephenson remembers Miami’s 1982 CWS title and says he turned down a chance to coach the Hurricanes.

Future Shockers softball player earns all-state honor.

Josh Cunningham, one of the Valley’s top freshman, is transferring to Dayton.

Former Shocker Blake Hurlbutt homers in Enid’s alumni game. Former Shocker Tyler Fleming returns to the mound.


Springfield News-Leader: NCAA hurt Missouri State’s baseball team with lack of flexibility. UAB brings back the football program it killed in December.

Rockford Register Star: Back home, VanVleet says “Basketball has directly influenced my life. I'm trying to spread it down to these kids.” CUSA doesn’t want UAB without football. Missouri State, Missouri softball programs battle in email exchange.

The Advocate: Future Shocker Lenni Kunert hit .485 with 10 doubles as a senior in Louisiana.’s Luke Winn ranks the Shockers No. 10 on his preseason power ranking.

SBNation: WSU No. 17 on spring top 25. WSU No. 11 on its spring top 25. UAB considers reviving football program. UAB prefers MVC membership as a landing spot.

Shot clock, fewer timeouts among changes proposed.

USA Today: Shockers No. 14 in the super-early top 25.

Fred VanVleet is always the big story in Rockford.


UAB will know more about its future in Conference USA in June.

Jim Connell of the Springfield News-Leader isn’t exactly up for WSU’s challenge.

Sean Keeler: Return of the guards makes WSU favorites in the Valley.


Daily Oklahoman: Marshall wise to stay at Wichita State. It’s a better job than most in power conferences.

Newsday: Cleanthony Early feeling more comfortable in recent games for the Knicks.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: UNLV doesn’t need a trip to Wichita State next season. Marshall’s move fits with what he told Alabama recruit Dazon Ingram. In 2006, a football coach turned down the Tide and things turned out great.

ALcom: Pitino? Prohm? Miller?

Dallas Morning News: Texas hires Shaka Smart.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Team meeting signaled the end at VCU.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Smart’s move not surprising after six seasons.

Washington Post: Smart walks away from VCU, free brisket and lap dances.

Dallas Mornings News: Texas AD Steve Patterson needed to boost his image with this hire.

The Oregonian: Shaka, beware Texas AD Steve Patterson.

Dallas Morning News: Can Texas lure Shaka Smart from VCU? Alabama should pay attention to Marshall’s family, Seth Greenberg advises. Paul Finebaum offers the insight that this is a big deal for Alabama.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Alabama may talk to Richard Pitino.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Ben Jacobson agrees to 10-year deal.

Evansville Courier and Press: Aces defeat Tennessee-Martin to move into CIT championship game vs. Northern Arizona.

Chicago Tribune: Loyola takes 1-0 lead in CBI best-of-3 championship series vs. Louisiana-Monroe. Alabama AD leaves Wichita alone on his chartered plane.

Kevin Scarbinsky: Monday feels like a win for the Tide. This is what Marshall’s decision should be about.

Austin American-Statesman: Crazy, crazy Monday in Texas.

Horns Digest: Marshall too blunt for Texas? Texas talks hoops with VCU’s Shaka Smart.

Dallas Morning News: Summing up the Texas search.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Smart declines comment; AD says no contact yet.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: We’ve been here before with Smart.

Peoria Journal-Star: Bradley coach Brian Wardle starts work in Peoria.

The Southern: Transfers knock Southern Illinois back into rebuilding mode, admitted or not. Report says Texas chasing Shaka Smart. Texas’ list starts with Marshall.

USA Today: Alabama isn’t the right fit. Marshall can do better than Alabama Alabama’s basketball pedigree is better than you think. Tide should check out Avery Johnson as a candidate. UAB needs to find a home and the MVC might be a possibility.


USA Today: Notre Dame’s offense overwhelms the Shockers.

South Bend Tribune: WSU couldn’t counter Jackson’s attack. ND coach Mike Brey didn’t need to say much during timeout.

Irish Illustrated: ND catches WSU at a good time.

New York Times: Notre Dame’s two-sport star came back for this moment.

USA Today: Marshall tells the truth when asked about Alabama. Local recommendations for Shockers fans.

South Bend Tribune: Irish new to facing hype in the NCAA Tournament.

South Bend Tribune: Improved defense helps Irish advance.

Chicago Tribune: Notre Dame coach Mike Brey leans on family during difficult time. Why Gregg Marshall might consider Alabama.

Washington Post: Marshall doesn’t need Alabama. Kansas fans meet their worst nightmare. Shockers get their chance to play Kansas. Hoosiers can’t be satisfied with this role. Shockers don’t need validation by playing Kansas.

Yahoo:com: Pat Forde’s always entertaining best and worst. East Region. South. Midwest. West.

Washington Post: Emojis for every tournament team. See who didn’t pick Kentucky. Previews of every game, every team. It’s all about Big Blue Nation. Enjoy it. All about the tournament, mostly about the Kentucky. Mid-major danger or high-major meh? Follow Kentucky’s (and three other teams) likely path to the Final Four.

Associated Press: Indiana survived a wave of bad news to reach March.

News-Sentinel: 5 keys for the Hoosier.

Journal Gazette: Emmitt Holt stepped up for Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament. Injury update is, not much of an update on Indiana’s big man. No. 7 seed may help WSU play disappointed or something like that. Dana Altman skipped out on Creighton. Time should soften that memory. Transplanted Shockers welcome their team. MVC coaches break down the Shockers. WSU coach Gregg Marshall sees familiar size in opponent. Hoosiers have some history with Wichita State. Indiana was prepared to play in First Four or NIT.

SELECTION SUNDAY No. 5 vs. Wofford in Jacksonville (West Region) No. 7 vs. Purdue in Columbus (West Region)

USA Today: No. 5 vs. Wofford (South Region) No. 6 vs. Colorado State in Lousiville (West Region) No. 7 vs. Purdue in Omaha (South Region) No. 5 seed

MARCH No. 6 vs. Purdue in Omaha (South Region) No. 5 vs. Wofford in Jacksonville (South Region) No. 7 vs. Boise State in Columbus (West Region) No. 5 seed No. 7 vs. Oregon (Midwest Region) No. 6 vs. Davidson in Omaha (East Region)

The Southern: SIU coach Barry Hinson wants to keep his roster intact, for the most part.

Toledo Blade: Former Shockers assistant Chris Jans will take his team to the CIT in his first season as coach.

Washington Post: Toure Murry appears headed to the Wizards.

Springfield News-Leader: Who is the 2016 favorite?

Sports Illustrated: Mark Turgeon raised Maryland to a surprising season.

Omaha World-Herald: Conference tournaments lose their zest as conferences expand.

Washington Post: Former WSU coach Mark Turgeon named Big 10 Coach of the Year.

Des Moines Register: UNI works to keep coach Ben Jacobson comfortable.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Casting a critical eye at the rise of the MVC.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Illinois State’s rise improves MVC outlook.

Bleacher Report: VanVleet runs WSU as its coach on the floor.


The Pantagraph: In 2012, an upset shook up the MVC Tournament.

News-Leader: Bears freshmen debut in St. Louis and hope for better times.

Journal-Star: Bradley needs to believe it can be part of the madness.

Des Moines Register: MVC Cinderella will likely need to be two ranked teams.

Courier: Shockers, Panthers try to pretend it’s not all about a rematch on Sunday.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: WSU, UNI are on same path to NCAA Tournament.

MARCH: Mark Titus reluctantly ranks WSU No. 12 and explains mid-major fatigue. Gary Parrish says WSU and UNI are good enough to play deep into March.

Omaha World-Herald: 100 years of Nebraska’s all-state basketball. OK, it’s not really MVC-related, but the OWH did a great job with this and basketball fans will enjoy.

ESPN: WSU a No. 4 seed in Seattle vs. Valpo.

CBS: Shockers a No. 5 seed vs. Valpo in Charlotte. No. 5 seed.

USA Today: Panthers, Shockers likely locked in to No. 4 or No. 5 seeds.

Gary Parrish: Tekele Cotton doesn’t need the spotlight.

WCF Courier: Panthers must lose from loss to Shockers.

WCF Courier: Crowd pushes Shockers past UNI.

Des Moines Register: Panthers a prop in WSU’s big day. WSU needed a win for its NCAA resume.

ESPN: Shockers return to the top of the MVC.

FEBRUARY Former WSU assistant Chris Jans turns things around at Bowling Green

Joe Lunardi: WSU a No. 5; UNI a No. 4.

Jerry Palm: WSU seeded No. 7 vs. Oregon WSU No. 5; UNI No. 4 No. 7 vs. fading Iowa No. 4 vs. Eastern Washington No. 6 vs. Illinois No. 5 seed

USA Today: Does anybody in Wichita want a shorter basketball season? Pat Forde throws a bit of the spotlight on former WSU assistant Chris Jans.

Peoria Journal Star: Shockers aren’t pretty. Just effective.

The Pantagraph: WSU never loses its cool.

Kansas City Star: Skeptics resurface as the Shockers keep winning.

Terre Haute Tribune Star: Todd Golden loves him some Tekele Cotton. And why not?

College baseball brackets: Shockers, Patriots are starting strong. WSU’s backcourt makes the Shockers a contender.

ESPN: Lunardi slots WSU as a No. 5 seed. Wake up Marco Baldi, Jerry Palm pits No. 6 WSU vs. St. John’s. Shockers at the top of the No. 6 group.

CBS: Fred VanVleet turned to basketball after a tough start to life.

USA Today: Kyle Korver’s NBA career hits a high point at age 34.

KSHB: The story doesn’t seem to support the headline, but this look by a Kansas City TV station at WSU’s enrollment prospects is eye-catching. And most of those old-fashioned college players very much hope to play professionally. Shockers drop to a No. 5 seed. Jerry Palm drops WSU to a No. 6 seed. Shockers fall to a No. 6 seed. Loss to UNI dumps WSU to a No. 5 seed.


Jason King: NBA scouts talk Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet.

George Mason’s post-Final Four surge faded with loss of coach, conference change. Shockers hold steady at No. 4. Lunardi keeps the Shockers a No. 4 seed. No. 4 seed.

Fox Sports: Measuring Ron Baker’s NBA chances. A No. 4 seed for the Shockers.

CBS: WSU No. 4 seed, UNI No. 7 in Jerry Palm’s bracket.

ESPN: WSU No. 4 seed by Joe Lunardi.

ESPN: Backcourts you can trust in March.

Terre Haute Tribune Star: Challenge series with Mountain West Conference may make a comeback.

ESPN: Joe Lunardi places WSU as a No. 5 seed, UNI a No. 6.

CBS: Jerry Palm seeds WSU as a No. 4 and UNI as a No. 8.

The Sporting News: Kansas ranks in the top five of all 50 for hoops.

Springfield News-Leader: Bears on hold while Marshall-Lusk drama plays out.

Sports Illustrated: Shockers face challenges from the MVC, and that’s a good thing.

Peoria Journal Star: UNI’s skill trumps Bradley’s athletic ability.

Springfield News-Leader: Terrorism in France affects MSU senior Ron Mvouika.

Springfield News-Leader: Bears need leadership and more voices to stop skid.

Rockford’s NBC affiliate explains how Fred VanVleet is helping other athletes.

Springfield News-Leader: MVC teams see hope in race with Wichita State.

The Pantagraph: Redbirds played with proper passion at WSU in defeat.


Jason King throws some love the MVC’s way in his non-conference review.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: MVC power rankings.

Missouri State senior regains his spot in the rotation as the Bears enter MVC play.

Anthony Beane needs help from other Salukis on offense.

Indiana State starts fresh, and the Sycamores need it after a dismal two months.

Redbirds benefit from Paris Lee’s growing experience.

Northern Iowa’s non-conference record adds interest to MVC race.

Panthers open MVC play with the week’s big game at Evansville.

ICYMI: UNI’s locker room upgrades.

New York Times: Cleanthony Early, and other NBA rookies, watch their spending on Christmas presents.

Early plays Secret Santa for teammate J.R. Smith.

New York Daily News: Early’s return from knee injury nears.

Dave Skretta of the AP: Fred VanVleet learned tough lessons in Rockford.

Sports Illustrated suspects Northern Iowa will provide WSU a real challenge in the MVC.

Santa Scranton of the Springfield News-Leader visits the MVC and hands out good stuff to the top programs.

Western Kentucky assistant coach asks fans to emulate the crowd at Koch Arena.

Did you feel like you helped the Shockers beat the Tide? Yes? A coach agrees.’s Myron Medcalf ranks the nation’s top point guards.

Vitale boogies with Shockers cheerleaders.

After escaping Alabama, Wichita State might not face another challenge, wonders. looks at Tuesday’s game.

Topeka Capital-Journal columnist Kevin Haskin dreams of a holiday tournament in Kansas City.

Peoria Journal-Star: UNI may play North Carolina at home, thanks to Marcus Paige.

ESPN ranks the best hair in college basketball. compiles reaction to the Seton Hall game.

Loss to San Diego State sticks with Utes star.

WSU’s Final Four run started in Salt Lake City.

Utes coach almost sick over excitement for Wednesday’s game.

The sons of Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak worked as ball boys for the Shockers in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

Utah starts a tough stretch of games that includes WSU, BYU and Kansas.


Former Shocker Toure Murry thrives in Idaho.

SIU coach Barry Hinson daydreams about a new MVC member.


Springfield News-Leader: Missouri State improves its size and raises its expectations.

The Pantagraph: Illinois State’s depth may require sacrifices in playing time.

The Pantagraph’s Jim Benson grows into a multi-media superstar.

Des Moines Register: Drake freshmen get the call for introductions.

Terre Haute Tribune-Star: Indiana State’s new look without Odum challenges coach.

Terre Haute Tribune-Star: Point guard Tre Bennett must learn quickly for the Sycamores.

The Southern: Salukis find a backup for foul-prone starter.

The Southern: MVC coaches motivated to compete with WSU.

Peoria Journal-Star: Braves roll out a bigger, deeper roster. They hope.

Chicago Sun-Times: Doyle’s injury clouds outlook for Loyola.


Indiana State adds two big men in its recruiting class.’s Pat Forde ranks intriguing coaches and Gregg Marshall intrigues him, but less than 14 others.

Fred VanVleet also intrigues Pat Forde at

Obediah Church, from Springfield, Ill., headlines Missouri State’s recruiting class.

Illinois State turns to high school ranks for the class of 2015.

Northern Iowa adds juco guard to its recruiting class, stealing him from South Dakota State.

The Peoria Journal-Star’s Bradley preview section. Nine MVC schools are chasing the Shockers.

Bleacher Report looks at Ron Baker’s journey from Scott City to WSU.

ESPN’s writers discuss expectations for the Shockers.

Gregg Marshall enjoyed the off-season and wouldn’t mind if it dragged on and on.

Athlon’s picks the MVC.

Tekele Cotton’s dunk skills catch the attention of ESPN.

The Sporting News puts Ron Baker on its second-team All-America list.

Sports Illustrated ranks Wichita State No. 16.

ESPN ranks Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet in its top 10.

Fox Sports finds a chip on the collective shoulders of the Shockers.


The Pantagraph: Illinois State coach Dan Muller voted his team No. 1.

Peoria Journal Star: Kirk Wessler rips off a depressing view of the future of college basketball.

Peoria Journal Star: Bradley coach Geno Ford isn’t concerned about preseason polls.

Springfield News-Leader: King Kong is back in the MVC.

Springfield News-Leader: Illinois State is the MVC’s mystery guest.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Shockers used to playing with a target on their backs.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: MVC women’s basketball strong in Iowa.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Valley schools checking their wallets.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Shockers chase one remaining goal - NCAA title.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Marcus Marshall’s return proceeds cautiously at Missouri State.


Gary Parrish of ranks Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker in his top 100. Utah’s Delon Wright is on the list

CollegeBasketballTalk ranks the top point guards and shooting guards nationally. Normally, I don’t link to this blog, because it is the most parasitic bunch on the Internet, shamelessly rewriting stories and disguising the original publication (you know, the one that did the work). Pout over.

Mike Rutherford of SBNation ranks the nation’s top 100 players and includes VanVleet, Baker, Tuttle and Balentine. Prepare your fantasy draft, I guess.

ESPN ranks WSU No. 10 and Joe Lunardi projects the Shockers as a No. 2 seed.

Two Shocker opponents (and one potential) make The Dagger’s list of teams on the rise.

USA Today ranks WSU No. 11 and gets Gregg Marshall to say he’s happy in Wichita.

Bradley’s injury problems are easing.

Lyndal Scranton of the Springfield News-Leader likes what he sees from Missouri State and picks them third in the MVC.

Todd Hefferman of The Southern picks WSU No. 1 in the MVC, followed by Northern Iowa and Missouri State.

Indianapolis Howe guard Harris Brown commits to Evansville with the goal of winning the MVC.

SIU’s Tyler Smithpeters is back on the team.

Loyola’s Milton Doyle could miss the season after tearing the labrum in his shooting shoulder.

SIU’s Tyler Smithpeters is taking time off for personal reasons.

Carson Tigges of the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier picks WSU No. 1 in the MVC and showers Ron Baker with affection.

Bradley coach Geno Ford welcomes four big men back to practice after injuries.

Northern Iowa builds roster with two talented transfers.

Marcus Marshall’s health is a key factor for Missouri State.

Fred VanVleet is ready and willing to speak to your children.

Lyndal Scranton of the Springfield News-Leader says the MVC will adopt a three-tiered scheduling system to build RPI.


Northern Iowa center Seth Tuttle turned into more of a scorer than his coach expected.

The Panthers are thinking NCAA Tournament, but not talking about it. Kind of.

Northern Iowa scheduled with an at-large bid in mind.

A $1 million gift helps Northern Iowa upgrade and expand locker rooms.

Loyola grabs a commitment from Sunrise Christian guard Roosevelt Smart, a Chicago native ranked No. 146 nationally by

Missouri State’s 1999 Sweet 16 team reunited in Springfield. No word on if they paused to reflect on Troy Mack’s 23 and 22.

Northern Iowa coach Ben Jacobson is increasing his profile as the top Panther.

Students are upset that Missouri State can’t complete track and field facilities in time to hold the MVC Outdoor Championships.

Sports Illustrated ranks two Shockers on its list of top 20 guards.

Missouri State took a shot at Juwan Morgan before he hit the big time.’s Seth Davis talks recruiting with Gregg Marshall.

Former WSU assistant Earl Grant takes over as head man at College of Charleston.

USA Today projects Northern Iowa as an NCAA at-large team on the strength of five returning starters and 8,569 redshirts.


UNI adds Richmond to complete a non-conference hoops schedule that includes Virginia Tech, Iowa and VCU.

Southern Illinois volleyball moves toward top of MVC.

Illinois State volleyball starts with six seniors.

Northern Iowa volleyball lost a key player to transfer after missing the NCAAs.

Injury problems continue for Bradley basketball.

Illinois State coach Dan Muller sees his team ahead of last year’s pace.

Angry birds: Creighton’s logo under attack by Toronto.


BasketballInsiders lists Cleanthony Early as one of the Summer League studs.

SIU guard Anthony Beane needs to take advantage of better shooters around him.

A coach breaks down WSU's pick and roll.

Missouri State's Marcus Marshall driven by injury and memory of loss to WSU.

Quad-City Times: MVC should draw well for its women's tournament.

USA Today ranks Fred VanVleet among the top mid-major players.

The Big Lead ranks Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet among the top players in the nation.

Phil Jackson may not be sold on Cleanthony Early as a backup to Carmelo Anthony.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report sits with Early for a video look at his early days in the NBA.

Early picks up books to learn his new bosses. cameras catch up with Early.

New York Daily News: Early a good fit for Phil Jackson's offense.

New York Post: Falling into second round a blessing.

New York Times: Early prepared to play with, or without, Carmelo.

Times Herald-Record: Early stop at Denny's includes autographs, pictures.

Newsday: Knicks picked Early for a reason.

MVC commissioner Doug Elgin looking for a scheduling partner.


MVC schools feel the loss of BracketBusters and MWC Challenge.

NY Times: The sad story of a Bradley great barred from the NBA.

Age may have caused Early to drop in NBA Draft.

Conor Gillaspie makes his case as Chicago's future third baseman. ranks Gregg Marshall No. 8 among college coaches.

Cleanthony Early works out for Phoenix.

Nick Wiggins talks family genes at Golden State.

WSU's women's basketball team will play in the Paradise Jam, a field that includes Kentucky, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma and others.

Fred VanVleet is the No. 7 point guard IN THE NATION, according to The Sporting News. Utah's Delon Wright, a WSU opponent, is No. 2.

TSN ranks Ron Baker the No. 2 shooting guard in the nation.

Baseball recruit Isaac Anderson turned down $100,000 on draft day.

Ed Braeuer, father of former Shocker player Matt Braeuer, made a big impression on a young sports writer.

Future Shocker volleyball player Shimen Fayad started her WSU workouts.

Cleanthony Early's performance vs. Kentucky raised his stock.

Tampa Bay execs are pleased to get Casey Gillaspie in uniform quickly.

Seton Hall is upgrading its basketball schedule with help from WSU.

Compare athletic departments in USA Today's budget database.

SportsNet Central's Dalen Cuff looks at Cleanthony Early's draft potential. ranks Casey Gillaspie No. 25 on its draft list. Recruit Sam Hilliard is No. 167.

Painter finds a fitting home for his tribute to Bradley basketball.


HoopsHype sees Cleanthony Early going No. 20 to Toronto.

Conor Gillaspie takes over at third base for the White Sox.

The Sporting News follows Cleanthony Early on his draft tour.

Other teams may be willing to lure Toure Murry from the Knicks.

Sports Talk Florida's Matt Stein projects Casey Gillaspie as a big-league first baseman.

Former Shocker pitcher Anthony Capra loves living in Wichita.

Cleanthony Early says Gregg Marshall predicted his NBA future.

Former Shocker Paul Guffrovich takes a new coaching job.

Oregon coach Dana Altman's reputation takes a hit.

The Quad-Cities wants to host the MVC women's tournament. looks at which schools might challenge WSU. explains why coaches, including Gregg Marshall, stay put.

Q&A with Fred VanVleet by the hometown TV station.

Mark Turgeon understands why Maryland fans are anxious.

Perfect Game projects three MVC teams in the baseball regionals.

Drake, Bradley, Loyola picked up prominent Chicago-area recruits in the spring.

Eric McKnight, who displayed interest in WSU, is going to Tennessee. There is no evidence WSU reciprocated that interest.

Tacoma guard Ahmaad Rorie, class of 2014, claims an offer from the Shockers after asking for a release from Cal.

Bradley assistant coach Ron Coleman is bringing Chicago talent to Carver Arena.

Wingnuts manager Kevin Hooper: WSU wanted college experience.

Former WSU assistant Chris Jans benefits from a big donation at Bowling Green.

Q&A with Jans.

Sean Keeler: Nothing has changed in regard to scheduling Kansas State and Kansas.

Former Shocker coach Mark Turgeon is losing ground and players at Maryland, according to the Washington Post. Turgeon takes the blame for four transfers, in a story by the Baltimore Sun.

Rivals: WSU offers Class of 2016 guard Lamonte Turner.

Missouri State baseball attendance is a losing proposition at Hammons Field.

The Big East experienced growing pains with it TV schedule.

Cowley track star Jamesia Milton signs with WSU.

Philly guard Levan Alston has an offer from WSU, according to a local recruiting website.

Creighton wants to lead the Big East in baseball like WSU did in the MVC.


Before the Shockers' loss, Twins teammates had some fun with former WSU pitcher Mike Pelfrey (video, it's tremendous).

They were taking note of UK-WSU even at the University of Wisconsin student paper.


Los Angeles Times' Chris Dufresne takes the selection committee to task for Kentucky being an 8.

Lexington Herald-Leader's coverage: game story, John Clay column.'s Luke Winn with the inside access to Sunday. says Cleanthony Early was the best player on the floor.

USA Today calls it one of the best first-weekend games in recent memory.

SBNation's Sea of Blue fan site with its breakdown of the game.


Louisville Courier-Journal: Early finds right fit at WSU.

Bryan Burwell: Which team is David?

Jerry Tipton: The Shockers never quit on their principles.

Jerry Clay: Kentucky has a chance to prove the hype is real.

The Shockers get the edge in the backcourt.

Pat Forde: Marshall's brand is growing.


Fans are overwhelmed by divided loyalties in St. Louis.

Eleven days off didn't slow the Shockers.

Sam Mellinger of The Star: I don't see any disrespect.

Pat Forde of CBS gets the match-up it wanted.

Gary Parrish: Biggest. Game. Ever.

Odd article by's Adam Finkelstein: WSU lacks an identity in recruiting. Not sure about this one.


Here's an scouting report from the guys who didn't get it done.

Pat Forde of Yahoo wonders how Kansas' divided loyalties will affect the crowd noise.

Do people paying SASO donations agree with this, from ESPN's Darren Rovell?

Bryan Burwell: The selection committee did the Shockers a favor.

Bluejay alert: Fun read on divided loyalties in Nebraska. Kansans can relate.


Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times is glad WSU is no Duke.

Wichita State gets admiration from for its wins vs. millions spent ratio.

The Shockers make the top 10 of Matt Norlander's rooting rankings. So does Creighton.

Scruffy, guest columnist for the Morris (Ill.) Times Herald remembers Drake's 1964 win over the Shockers in Des Moines.

USA Today: Embrace your draw, Shockers.

Andrew Sharp of wants to see WSU-Kansas State.


Ken Pomeroy's numbers say the Midwest Region is tough at the top, easy through the rest.

WSU's margin of victory doesn't impress at FiveThirtyEight.


USA Today says WSU should begin the nuts and bolts cheer.

Kirk Wessler of the Peoria Journal Star says believe the committee.

From the Cleanthony Early feels no pressure on Selection Sunday.


You know Wichita State has arrived when there's an Evolution of WuShock photo gallery on the New York Times website. (By the way, it's awesome.)

Jim Benson of the Pantagraph takes on Doug Gottlieb.

The New York Daily News examines Cleanthony Early's road from New York to Wichita.


USA Today with a look at assistant Chris Jans eyeing head-coaching opportunities.

Former Shocker Carl Hall experiences the losing side of life in Japan.

Charles Barkley sticks up for the Shockers and turns the question on TMZ.


Lyndal Scranton of the Springfield News-Leader wonders if this is what it was like watching Indiana State in 1979.

Randy Kindred of the Pantagraph compares WSU's unselfishness with that of the 2005 Illini.


USA Today has Gonzaga coach Mark Few saying Wichita State can win it all.'s Jeff Borzello analyzes how far WSU has to get to avoid being called overrated.

Strength of schedule precedent throws up a caution flag, from the WSJ. puts Fred VanVleet on its All-America teams.


Hey, Kansas is not the only state with a legislature thinking about regulating regular-season college basketball games.

Northern Iowa recruit Wyatt Lohaus controls his heart condition by dipping his face in a bucket of water

We post these stories sometimes wishing we had been able to edit them beforehand. says Gregg Marshall is the Coach of the Year.'s Luke Winn dines and travels with the Shockers, but doesn't get to sit next to Fred VanVleet. That seat's taken.

Des Moines Register's Andrew Logue on how the Valley takes advantage of 34-0.


The long-form version, from Grantland's Jordan Conn, on the non-rivalry between WSU and Kansas. (Editor's note: He nails it.)

Latest bracket projections from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm.

Bleacher Report may be the first out with its All-American picks.

The Lawrence Journal-World looks at Shocker fans in the Jayhawks' front yard.'s Gary Parrish on Gregg Marshall being moved by the moment of reaching 34-0.


Indiana State needed every second on the clock to beat SIU.

Bryan Burwell: WSU is just that good.

St. Louis bars and hotel miss the Bluejay fans.

Sean Keeler: Marshall can end the frustration in St. Louis today.


Latest bracket projections from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm.

Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde on the sudden love affair -- Gregg Marshall and St. Louis.

Fox Sports KC's Sean Keeler says the Shocker big men are big enough.

Wiggins vs. Wiggins. Yeah, they've talked about it.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Joe Strauss on that dreaded M-M word.


Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde thinks the Shockers need to lose in St. Louis.'s Gregg Doyel lets WSU associate AD Darron Boatright defend the Shockers' schedule -- exasperatingly.

Des Moines Register's Andrew Logue on the MVC spotlight squarely on the Shockers.

Kansas City sports media critic Greg Hall documents the love/hate for the Shockers.


An video on the Shockers. With slo-mo footage!

Longtime Philly columnist Dick Jerardi sees the Shockers going a ways in the tournament.

Fort Worth Star Telegram's Jimmy Burch is in the Shockers' camp for a No. 1 seed.


Indiana communications student with an interesting take on Coach of the Year candidates.

SBNation with a defense of the Shockers' non-conference schedule.

Bleacher Report's Jason King on the influence of Fred VanVleet's stepfather.


Latest bracket projections from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm.

In case you were wondering, St. Joseph's coach Phil Martelli wasn't going all '72 Dolphins on the Shockers.'s Gregg Doyel wonders why we're even arguing about the Shockers' credentials?

We'll expand into MVC Tournament stories this week. Here's a good one from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on SIU coach Barry Hinson and his struggle to overcome a family tragedy.


KC Star's Blair Kerkhoff weighs whether Shockers, Jayhawks fit on the bracket's 1-line.'s Jake Trotter was on hand for No. 31.

Bleacher Report's Thad Novak writes that WSU is the only team not to stumble against an overmatched foe. on how BCS conferences' bottom-dwellers end up hurting the Shockers in seeding talk.

Vahe Gregorian of The Kansas City Star writes that WSU understands its season will be judged later this month by most.


Springfield News-Leader's Lyndell Scranton on Missouri State trying to avoid being the Washington Generals on Saturday.

THURSDAY, FEB. 27 on how Las Vegas wouldn't mind the Shockers not going 40-0.

Fred VanVleet's hometown paper with a story and video from Tuesday at Bradley.


Todd Golden of the Terre Haute Tribune Star votes four Shockers All-MVC.

Well, one website likes the Shockers as No. 1 in the nation.

Peoria Journal Star BU beat writer Dave Reynolds on Bradley's best effort to end the streak.

Peoria columnist Kirk Wessler on the Shockers: 30-0's great. Maybe not the nation's best, but great.

The Eagle's Suzanne Tobias on the Shocker bandwagon. They're building a second deck for the postseason.

The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy: Quit playing what ifs, the Shockers have earned this.

Ohio State players remember this Shocker bunch well.

Fox on the Wiggins bridge between Wichita, Lawrence.


Peoria Journal Star's Dave Reynolds on senior night for Bradley's Walt Lemon Jr.

Editorial writers in Topeka are getting in on the Shocker love.

MONDAY, FEB. 24's Tom Keegan has been escorted to the Douglas County border.

Latest bracket projections from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm. Would you rather face the Fighting Webers or the Fighting Boyles in the third round?


AP voter Rick Bozich has WSU No. 3 this week. He wishes Gregg Marshall would've scheduled tougher in non-conference.

The Newark Star-Ledger's bracket analyst has WSU as the No. 1 overall seed.

Dennis Dodd of finds bitter Kansas fans and says pollsters should rank WSU No. 1.


SBNation recaps three reasons why WSU is unbeaten.

Kansas City TV/radio mouth Jack Harry stands up for the Shockers.

THURSDAY, FEB. 20's Sean Keeler to the nation: Accept WSU as a No. 1 seed.

Rant Sports' Taylor Sturm makes the case for WSU as the tourney's No. 1 overall seed.

Chicago Tribune coverage of Wednesday's Shocker victory.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 19 gets former Shocker opponents to scout up the nation's lone unbeaten. Interesting stuff.'s Seth Davis with some pro-Shocker insight: Skepticism is healthy, but WSU passes eye test.

The Shockers and Orange met in an online game simulation. A Syracuse writer, via WSU's Sunflower, on the result.

CBS' Jeff Borzello collects anonymous thoughts on the Shockers. All agree they can win it all.

MONDAY, FEB. 17's Seth Davis likes Gregg Marshall as his coach of the year.

Latest bracket projections from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm. (WSU's still a 1 in both.)

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star blogs: If you don't believe in WSU, you're looking at a jersey name and not the numbers.

Shocker fans agree: The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy is a right-thinking American.'s weekly podcast talks Shockers, among other things.


Minneapolis Star Tribune says don't worry about the schedule, appreciate what WSU is doing.


Todd Golden of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star has been tweeting while participating in the NCAA's mock selection process. Good stuff.

Wichita State, Kansas or Kansas State: Rant Sports says all three can lay claim to being the state's best. now has WSU as a 1-seed facing GWU or New Mexico in the third round.


Latest bracket projections from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm. on the Shockers' most underrated player.

WSU's former rival to the south talks about what it would take to get where the Shockers are.'s Dana O'Neil talks to Ron Wellman, chairman of the NCAA selection committee about WSU's case for a top seed.


The Southern's Todd Heffernan on an opportunity missed by the Salukis.

KC Star's Vahe Gregorian on the underappreciated Shockers.'s Sean Keeler: Shockers are a No. 1 seed; forget the score. with a look at St. Joseph's Phil Martelli and living an unbeaten regular season.


SB Nation says Gregg Marshall is coach everyone wants, but why would he leave WSU?

The New York Times follows the Shockers to Cedar Falls and asks the No. 1 seed question.


WSU remains a No. 1 seed on Joe Lunardi's bracket and Jerry Palm's bracket. The Shockers are a No. 2 by on whether the Shockers are deserving of a top seed if unbeaten by March 16.


Waterloo Courier: Shockers impose will on UNI.

SATURDAY, FEB. 8 re-tells the "Play Angry" story. talks about which is tougher, a Shocker Final Four run last year or this year?


SB Nation with an appreciation of how tough 18-0 would be in the MVC.


Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde was in the Hulman Center. The Shockers heat up a cold Indiana night.

Terre Haute's Todd Golden on how the Sycamores felt like one got away.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 5 profiles Fred Van Vleet, revealing why he pals around with Ron Baker.'s Dana O'Neil on WSU embracing "the big, fat zero." writers look for a Shocker weakness.

Terre Haute Tribune-Star beat writer Todd Golden on the VanVleet-Odum matchup and Indiana State playing host to its highest-ranked foe.'s Gary Parrish on the Shockers' big week.


Bleacher Report on the Shockers' unbeaten chances.

USA Today with a long profile of Gregg Marshall.

Athlon Sports with some unbeaten tidbits.

Lost Lettermen misses the Jays and Shockers getting together.


Fox Sports KC: Indiana State's Greg Lansing sees a difference with these Shockers.

USA Today concurs with Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm. WSU goes unbeaten, it's a No. 1 seed. thinks Wednesday's game at Indiana State could be a good one.


Arizona Star's day-after coverage of No. 1 Arizona's first loss, which leaves WSU and Syracuse as the nation's remaining unbeatens.

AP's Dave Skretta with his story from WSU's win over Evansville (via Yahoo Sports).

SBNation on the Shockers' comeback against Evansville, complete with "Wizard of Oz" references.

SATURDAY, FEB. 1 writer calls Gregg Marshall's postgame remark about Michigan State "snippy." says WSU lost money in its Final Four trip, at least on the balance sheet.