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NCAA denies initial waiver request for Teddy Allen, but WSU plans to appeal

The NCAA has denied Wichita State’s request for a legislative relief waiver for Teddy Allen on Wednesday afternoon, ending a seven-week wait to initially determine Allen’s eligibly for this season.

WSU’s foundation in the claim was Allen’s decision to transfer from West Virginia to Wichita State was to improve the quality of his mental health by being closer to his support system in Boys Town, Neb. West Virginia was also allowed to give a stance on the waiver request, although it is unknown what West Virginia’s position was.

WSU does have the right to appeal the decision and has indicated it plans to do so, though that process could also take weeks to decide. A Wichita State spokesperson said the program will not issue any further comment since it is an ongoing process.

Allen averaged 7.0 points per game as a freshman at West Virginia in less than 12 minutes per game and averaged 11.3 points in the team’s Sweet 16 run in the NCAA Tournament. Allen is still allowed to practice with WSU but will continue to sit out games. He has missed WSU’s first five games and will miss another Sunday when WSU plays Rice at Koch Arena.

The initial decision took so long because the case manager assigned by the NCAA had additional questions for WSU after it submitted the waiver in early October. The case manager had extended West Virginia’s deadline to respond to the waiver to Nov. 19 and the decision was made two days after.

The paperwork WSU had to submit included a written statement from Allen describing the mitigating circumstances and facts surrounding the case. WSU also had to include appropriate documentation that substantiated the information in the facts and mitigating circumstances, which included several letters written by those who knew Allen at Boys Town.

The NCAA had been more lenient granting waivers this offseason, but Stadium’s Jeff Goodman also pointed out when interviewed in October that it had been inconsistent.

“Ultimately, I think the NCAA is afraid of lawsuits,” said Goodman, a long-time college basketball reporter. “They can’t figure it out. They go back and forth. They don’t give any waivers, now they’re back to giving them out left and right.”

“It’s as much valid as other ones I’ve heard,” Goodman added. “If the NCAA is giving out some of the other waivers they have, then Teddy Allen has as good of case as anybody.”

Allen has been animated on the sidelines early this season with his support for his teammates. Coach Gregg Marshall has also mentioned that although Allen hasn’t played yet, he has still become one of the team’s leaders.

Allen hasn’t spoken to local media since the team’s media day in early October, but he said back then that he knew this was a possibility.

“I’m prepared either way,” Allen said. “Either way, I’m going to be working. It’s tough, but it’s not as hard because I’m with my teammates and we’re just grinding. I’m doing everything I can to help make my teammates better every day in practice and make myself better, too.”

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