Kansas State Q&A: Bill Snyder, Jake Waters, Curry Sexton and a whole lot of TCU

You are looking live ... At words that were typed on a computer in Fort Worth a day ahead of Kansas State’s top-10 showdown with TCU.

Sorry for the lame lead on this blog. Being on the road, I figured I should write something different.

Anyway, let’s get onto your questions. Thanks, as always, for asking them.

This is a great question, because K-State will be challenged on both sides of the ball. I think K-State’s offense faces the more difficult task, though. TCU leads the nation in forced turnovers with 26 and made West Virginia cough up the ball all afternoon last week. Jake Waters hasn’t thrown an interception in K-State’s five Big 12 games, but this is the defense that could end that streak. K-State will also be challenged on defense, but Jonathan Truman and Ryan Mueller see high-powered attacks all the time. They know how to adapt.

Two years ago, when K-State played TCU in front of a sellout crowd, the Wildcats were well represented in the stands. I recall Arthur Brown saying something along the lines of: “At times it felt like we were the home team.” I don’t know that K-State fans can have the same impact on this game, given the hype TCU is throwing at the game with a black out. But K-State players will hear cheers when they score.

It would certainly help (see the Oklahoma game as an example) but I don’t necessarily think it is a must. I see TCU turning the ball over a time or two and giving K-State some extra opportunities. The bigger priority for the Wildcats will be scoring touchdowns in the red zone. This is going to be a high-scoring game. Field goals might not be enough.

I’m picking K-State to win 35-33. I struggled with which way to go in this one. The Wildcats have the stronger defense and don’t make mistakes. The Horned Frogs have the better offense and force turnovers like crazy. It’s going to be a good, entertaining game. To me, experience and coaching give K-State a slight edge.

Offensive Player of the Game: Trevone Boykin. There’s a reason opposing coaches have called him the nation’s best player.

Defensive Player of the Game: Dakorey Johnson. Much like the Auburn game, he will have plenty of opportunities to make big plays.

It’s unfortunate, and I understand why current members of the equestrian team are fighting to change the athletic department’s mind. But unless a considerable number of Division I schools start adding equestrian quickly (highly unlikely) it won’t be a NCAA sanctioned sport that counts toward an athletic department’s minimum teams count for much longer. K-State could have waited to see if that happens (no other school has cut equestrian), but the safer move is to switch to soccer now. I have heard some argue that K-State should keep equestrian as a luxury sport and add soccer to maintain its current number of NCAA sanctioned teams. But that would cost millions. I even got one e-mail suggesting K-State should keep equestrian and add soccer, softball and wrestling. If the Wildcats had unlimited funds, I’m sure John Currie would consider those options. But that’s obviously not the case. K-State is doing the best it can in a bad situation by honoring its equestrian scholarships and coaching contracts even after the team folds. The equestrian team is currently ranked second nationally though, and hopes to win a national championship. What a story that would be.

Let me think about that one.


Waters was just throwing to the open man. He hasn’t hesitated to throw to Deante Burton or Kody Cook all season. He was really close to making Burton the clear No. 3 receiver last week, though. Burton was oh so close to two touchdowns.

He’s in the discussion, but Tyler Lockett and Jake Waters both mean more. I’d call Sexton the most improved player on offense. Or the surprise player on offense.

Yes, Jake Waters will join the Heisman discussion with a win on Saturday, but I think that’s his ceiling. His stats (so far) aren’t comparable to the true contenders.

Green power ranger, for sure. Didn’t he have his own robot?

I prefer the 80’s classics to 90’s grunge. But I’m not in love with either.

I feel like people were saying the same thing two years ago when K-State won its first 10 games. Yet, here they are now. Never count out Bill Snyder.

I have absolutely no idea. But if I had to guess, I’d say Bill Snyder would think about retirement with a national championship in his pocket.

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