Kansas State Q&A: Dome troubles, Joe Hubener, Alex Delton, UTSA prediction and Whataburger

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Want to hear a strange Kansas State football stat?

The Wildcats have not won inside a domed stadium since 1993, back when they beat Minnesota in the old Metrodome. Seven straight dome losses by my count.

Wow, that’s a long time. It’s a streak K-State is expected to snap on Saturday when it travels to the Alamodome to take on Texas-San Antonio. The Wildcats are double-digit favorites over the Roadrunners and as long as they play smart football and avoid turnovers the way Bill Snyder teams tend to do, I predict they will win 40-28.

Sure, it is a little weird that playing inside a dome has apparently worked against K-State. The Wildcats have lost some tough games inside over the years -- Texas A&M in St. Louis, Purdue and UCLA in San Antonio, Rutgers in Houston, Arkansas in Arlington, Oregon in Glendale -- but bad luck doesn’t last forever. Come Sunday that strange stat should be no more.

And with that, it’s time for another K-State Q&A. Let’s get to your questions. Thanks, as always, for asking them.

I think it’s safe to say K-State’s marching band will never get this much attention again for as long as it exists. Wonder what it would take for that to happen.

I wish I could say 100 percent. How awesome would that be? Another, slightly more realistic possibility, would be Eric Stonestreet. A celebrity should definitely step in and do it.

Let’s see. He didn’t see action until the bitter end of the South Dakota game, so that probably means Bill Snyder isn’t ready to use the true freshman in more meaningful situations. Or, perhaps, it means he didn’t want to show Delton to future opponents and he plans to use him as the wildcat quarterback against UTSA. I dunno. Six plays seems about right.

What it boils down to is this: Delton is a true freshman. And true freshmen rarely play for Snyder, especially quarterbacks. As far as I can tell, Delton is the only true freshman who played meaningful snaps in the opener. There are many redshirt freshmen who made impacts, but they are all a year older than Delton.

Yes, he arrived a semester early. But that wasn’t enough time for him to overtake Joe Hubener (a redshirt junior) or Jesse Ertz (a redshirt sophomore). I honestly think it is impressive Snyder trusts Delton enough to play without redshirting. He may not be the top option now, but Snyder has big plans for him.

Man, Delton is a popular topic today.

On Joe Hubener, I have never thought to compare him to Nick Foles. It isn’t the worst thought in the world. Both quarterbacks are tall and somewhat mobile with big arms. Hubener seems to be a tad more athletic with his feet and much less accurate with his arm. The quarterback I have always compared Hubener to is Collin Klein. They aren’t exactly alike by any means. But they have similar builds, were overlooked as high school quarterbacks and run very hard.

With Klein coaching Hubener, there is no doubt Hubener will mature and improve. I actually think Hubener has a stronger arm and better throwing motion than Klein. What Hubener needs to learn is how to play with the poise, toughness, leadership and smarts Klein did. Klein never made big mistakes. He rarely made small mistakes. Hubener said part of the reason he lost the quarterback competition to Jesse Ertz was because he took too many chances. Learning how to avoid those errors is his next challenge.

This may be the best non K-State question I’ve ever got on here.

My vote goes to Predator. Both are awesome movies, but there is simply more going on in Predator. It’s wildly entertaining and unintentionally funny in so many situations. As I type this, I can see Arnold screaming “Get to chopper now!” The opening scenes with Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura are great. I may have to watch this again soon.

It will probably take a two-touchdown victory by K-State over UTSA for people to view it more favorably than what Arizona did against the Roadrunners. If you look closely at what happened in the Arizona/UTSA game, you will see things could have gone much differently. Arizona won 42-32, but UTSA amassed 525 yards of offense. If not for turnovers and a penalties (especially the one that negated a touchdown return) UTSA could have won that game. But Arizona won by double digits, so it goes down as a solid opening victory.

Any road victory against UTSA should be also be considered solid, but K-State will need to win by multiple touchdowns for it to be considered impressive.

A victory gives K-State momentum, which it likely parlays into a 3-0 run through nonconference play. Louisiana Tech (no slouch) is up next, but the Wildcats should win that game at home. An undefeated start and a bye week to start Big 12 play is Snyder’s dream every year.

A loss would make K-State’s march toward bowl eligibility much more difficult than originally expected. Vegas oddsmakers set the Wildcats’ over/under at seven victories this season, assuming they would win this game. A loss drops that total six, which means a slip up anywhere else could leave the team home for the postseason. I don’t think that happens. K-State overcame a loss to North Dakota State two years ago and finished strong. Snyder’s teams always improve as the season goes along, so a loss here wouldn’t cause doomsday whistles to blow. But a loss to UTSA would make you wonder about the other toss-up games on the schedule.

I give UTSA a 30 percent chance to upset K-State. The game will be played in front of 40,000 fans at home, and the Roadrunners can move the ball.

Before last night, I also thought Louisiana Tech could challenge K-State in Manhattan, but it didn’t look that good against Western Kentucky. The Wildcats are tough at home. I’d set the upset chances at about 10 percent.

It will remain about the same. K-State likes selling out all of its games, so increasing capacity won’t happen unless there is a huge spike in ticket demand. The next round of renovations is all about installing permanent visiting locker rooms, adding a video board and enclosing the stadium.

Well, a USC running back from Texas blamed a poor start in preseason camp on Whataburger Withdrawal, so it’s kind of a big deal for anyone who grew up in the Lone Star State, as I did.

Whataburger is my favorite fast food joint. Its burgers are on par with anything you can get at Five Guys or In-N-Out and so are the fries. What sets the place apart, for me, is the extensive menu. You won’t find a better chicken strip basket anywhere, and they have lots of different sandwiches. They even have breakfast. And it’s open 24 hours. The Fancy Ketchup is also a huge plus that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a popular place, but it’s never mobbed like In-N-Out. It won’t take you an hour to get your food. You should definitely eat there next time you’re in Texas.

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