Food and sleep go together for Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder was responsible for one of the most humorous moments of Big 12 Media Days on Monday when he answered a question about his eating habits.

Snyder has long been known for skipping breakfast and lunch, eating his lone meal of the day late at night after a full day of work at Kansas State’s football offices. Sometimes he eats Taco Bell on his way home. Why does he eat this way, a Texas reporter asked.

Short answer: food puts him to sleep, so eating earlier in the day doesn’t make sense.

“I don’t have trouble going to sleep,” Snyder said. “When I go to bed, I go to sleep and it is right after my late meal. What my system has done is acclimated to that. If I were to leave here and go to a restaurant and have a normal meal, I would fall asleep in the restaurant. My system has just said, ‘When you eat, then you sleep.’ So that is my history.”

This prompted some laughs, and a few more questions.

Snyder was happy to share his eating history.

“I was never a breakfast eater,” He said. “When you grow up and you are young, you want sleep as long as you can. So I would sleep as long as I could and hop out of bed and go to school. My mom was already off to school so I was on my own and I never ate breakfast.

“When I was coaching high school I used to eat lunch, but when I got into college coaching I realized that was the period of time ... I found out the best time to be by yourself and do what you want to do was over the noon hour when everyone else was off at lunch. So I stopped eating lunch so I could work over lunch.

“After a while that became so fruitful for me. I thought, ‘Hey, why not do it for dinner.’ I had to eat. I know that. I like food. I don’t dislike food. When I got home my wife wasn’t going to stay up that late and fix me a meal so I had to fix my own. I’m not a very good cook, but I became acclimated to a steamer. I would steam vegetables so I could eat somewhat healthy.”

He says his doctor doesn’t approve of his eating schedule, but he has learned to accept it. He has no plans of changing.

“Now you know my culinary history,” Snyder said. “When we have team meals I come in and talk to the team and leave.”

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