Former Kansas State forward Thomas Gipson works out for Green Bay Packers (VIDEO)

Throughout his Kansas State basketball career, Thomas Gipson was told he had the body of a football player. At 6-foot-7 and 265 pounds, it was easy for fans to envision him slipping on football pads and playing tight end or defensive end at a high level.

As it turns out, at least one NFL team was also curious to see how Gipson would do on the football field. On Thursday, Gipson said he worked out for the Green Bay Packers and shared videos that showed him catching passes at K-State’s indoor practice facility.

Gipson has never played organized football at any level, choosing at a young age to play basketball. But several tight ends with basketball backgrounds have gone on to succeed in the NFL. And Gipson once told me the idea of playing in the NFL intrigued him.

From a 2013 interview with Gipson (sorry, no link):

“Someone is always telling me I would make a lot of money playing football, just hitting people or catching a ball. People asked me about football every day in high school. I would be walking down the hall and they would ask, ‘Yo, Gip, when you going to put the pads on?’ I just laughed at them and ignored them.

“If I don’t make it in my basketball career, maybe I will give football a try. If the opportunity presents itself, I will go to a NFL training camp or something like that. But my love for basketball is greater than my love for football. I want to stick to this and become as good as I possibly can.”

Gipson shows good hands in the videos, and occasionally writes “NBA or NFL” on Twitter. It will be fascinating to see if he gets any further looks on the football field.

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