Beer sales will add new dynamic to Kansas State’s spring game at Sporting Park

Sporting Park is normally home to Sporting KC, but the Wildcats will play their spring football game there in April.
Sporting Park is normally home to Sporting KC, but the Wildcats will play their spring football game there in April. Courtesy Photo.

Kansas State’s spring football game at Sporting Park in Kansas City will be a unique event for more than one reason.

On top of hosting the April 25 game in an off-campus location and soccer venue, fans will be able to purchase beer throughout the afternoon like a Sporting KC match.

That is a noticeable difference from K-State football games at Snyder Family Stadium, where beer and alcohol sales are limited to suites and club-levels.

For K-State athletic director John Currie, that’s one more thing that will make the game a special experience.

"This is a once-in-a-long-time deal to play in a world class facility," Currie said. "Our student-athletes are excited about that, to be so close to so many of our fans who make the journey to Manhattan every week or multiple times a week. It is going to be real neat and a really special deal.

"We are planning some other things that we are not quite ready to announce that we think will be innovative. It is going to be a really cool environment."

Any K-State fan hoping to drink a beer while he or she watches the Wildcats play their spring game should take advantage of the opportunity, because stadium-wide beer sales aren’t coming to Manhattan anytime soon.

Though K-State began selling beer at baseball games two years ago, Currie said there is no desire to carry that over to football or men’s basketball games.

"I’m just not ready to go there yet," Currie said. "I think that we have a baseball situation that is different from football and basketball. I think we have created some controlled areas in football and men’s basketball where we do provide the opportunity to purchase beer and wine, but I’m just not sure that we are ready for that inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium everywhere throughout the game.

"It is named Family Stadium and we do want to protect that family atmosphere."

Beer sales at college sporting events have become a popular topic in recent years. West Virginia sells beer at football games and Texas began serving beer at basketball games last year. As expenses mount, some universities view beer sales as a positive way to bring in extra income.

Currie, though, doesn’t seem interested, even if beer sales are deemed a success at the spring game.

K-State fans will have to enjoy it on April 25.

"We will continue to monitor that moving forward," Currie said, "but we don’t have any immediate plans for that."

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