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PokeMix doesn’t have Pokemon, but it does have plans to open a new east-side restaurant

The owners of PokeMix are expanding to the east side.
The owners of PokeMix are expanding to the east side.

Wichita has a poke shop on the west side. It has a poke shop downtown. But so far, the east-side has been a poke shop-free zone.

That will change this spring when the owners of west Wichita’s PokeMix Hawaiian Fusion open their second Wichita restaurant.

Co-owner Mike Brotemarkle says that the new restaurant will be different from the original in that it will double as a coffee shop. It’ll be called Coffee Werks & Poke. and it will be in a new strip center that recently went up at 21st and Webb., just in front of Opti-Life. It should be open by April or May, sald Brotemarkle, whose partners are John Nguyen and Mike Nguyen.

The new restaurant will have the same build-your-own Hawaiian-style poke concept that people have become used to at the original PokeMix, which opened in 2017 at 8918 W. 21st St., just in front of the west Warren Theatre. But it will also have a full espresso bar serving the type of drinks available in any typical coffee shop, including espresso, lattes and cappuccinos. It’ll also serve smoothies and desserts. Brotemarkle said the owners were inspired by friends who have a popular combination poke/coffee shop in Dallas.

The new shop will have the end cap in the new strip center, meaning it can also have a drive-through. It’ll seat about 60 inside and will also have outdoor seating.

Meanwhile, Brotemarkle said, some minor changes are being made at the west-side PokeMix. The most notable one: They’ve added the words “Hawaiian Fusion” to the end of the name to help clarify that they are not a Pokemon store. (Apparently, that’s been an issue.)

They’re also adding boba drinks to the menu, though they’re not planning to add coffee there..

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the new shop.

Many of us reach for that morning cup of coffee without giving much thought to how it might benefit us –other than getting us out of bed. (Meta Viers/McClatchy and Cleveland Clinic)

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