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State’s job growth rate in July was worst in nation

There is no way to put a positive spin on Kansas’ latest job numbers. The state lost 5,600 seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs in July, and it has 4,500 fewer jobs now than it did 12 months ago. Kansas’ job growth rate for July was -0.4 percent, which tied for worst in the nation. Its job growth rate for the past 12 months was -0.3 percent, the fifth worst in the nation. The state’s unemployment rate, while still very low, also got worse, increasing from 3.8 percent in June to 4.1 percent. Kansas lost 4,600 private-sector jobs in July, with the largest decrease in the professional and business services sector. Gov. Sam Brownback set a goal of adding 25,000 jobs each year of his second term. So far, Kansas is going the opposite direction. – Phillip Brownlee