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Student, superintendent: Don’t blame piano, district

Kansas City Star

Gov. Sam Brownback highlighted the Kansas City, Kan., school district’s purchase of a $47,000 grand piano when he announced $44.5 million in education funding cuts last week. But Amalia Murguia, a sophomore at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, wrote a letter to Brownback telling him not to blame her school. “Just because I do not attend a private school does not mean I have forfeited my right to a nationally competitive institution of learning,” she wrote. District superintendent Cynthia Lane noted on a district blog that the old piano was 50 years old and could no longer be patched and repaired. She also objected to school districts being blamed for the state’s budget problems. “Are we going to have the courage to stand up and acknowledge that the problem is our tax policy?” – Phillip Brownlee