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How Kansas was defined during roll call votes


What did Kansans say as they cast their votes at the GOP and Democratic national conventions? Former Democratic state Rep. (and national committeewoman) Melody McCray-Miller of Wichita credited Kansas as the birthplace of President Obama’s mother (mispronouncing her name) and mentioned the Dockum sit-in, the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education desegregation case, and college sports teams before state party chairman Lee Kinch of Derby name-dropped eight Democratic (former) officeholders. Kansas GOP chairman and Sedgwick County Clerk Kelly Arnold called the state: “Home of the greatest fans of the reigning World Series champions, the Kansas City Royals. Proud home of the iconic Bob Dole.” The Show-Me State’s GOP chairman didn’t let Arnold’s brag go unchallenged, by the way: “Kansas, I love you, but Missouri is the home to the World Series champions Kansas City Royals.” – Rhonda Holman