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AFP has doubts about ‘march to zero’

Gov. Sam Brownback declared during his State of the State address that “we will continue our march to zero income taxes.” But his plan to freeze future tax cuts until the state’s budget stabilizes has raised doubts with one of his key allies. “It seems more like a crawl to me. We might never get to zero,” Jeff Glendening, state director of Americans for Prosperity, told Associated Press. Glendening said the only way the state will be able to buy down income taxes is if it cuts spending. Glendening also challenged Brownback, who has recently been blaming others for the state’s budget problems, not to back off the tax cuts. “He needs to own it and stick with it,” Glendening said. Of course, for an estimated 191,000 Kansas business owners, the march to zero income taxes is already over. – Phillip Brownlee