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So they said

Pompeo AP

▪  “A lot of his policies don’t comport with my vision for how I represent Kansas.” – Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, when asked by CNN whether he thought Trump was a true conservative (Pompeo added: “I’m hopeful over time, he’ll do better”)

▪  “I know we have another meeting coming up. Would you make sure that we have a paramedic there? I’m not sure my heart can take two 12-0 votes today.” – Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell, after the City Council and Sedgwick County Commission unanimously agreed to partnerships on law enforcement and firefighter training

▪  “Don’t worry, Mr. Mayor, I’m a PA. I can give you mouth-to-mouth if necessary. Doesn’t mean I will, but....” – County Commissioner Richard Ranzau, in response

▪  “Kansas’ experiment in conservative economics still a bust” and “Kansas is poster child for folly of trickle down” – commentary headlines in the Chicago Tribune and Madison (Wis.) Capital Times