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Kansas’ tax experiment under national scrutiny

National media outlets noted that Gov. Sam Brownback now proposes to pay for the unexpectedly high cost of his signature 2012 income tax cuts by raising other taxes, including big hikes on cigarette and liquor. Brownback also is slowing the pace of the income tax elimination, while insisting the “march to zero” continues. A New York Times article called the move a “significant turn for Mr. Brownback, a Republican who has tried to make his state a national model for conservative governance and who criticized calls from his Democratic opponent in last year’s campaign to scale back his income tax cut.” MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry warned the governor that the “poorest people in your state will bear the brunt of your mistakes.” But Politico’s report quoted a statement by Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist praising Brownback: “There has been no compromise on the commitment to phase out the income tax. The Kansas income tax did not receive a pardon from the governor, just a delay in the date of execution.” – Rhonda Holman