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City needs to enforce residency limit on recovery homes

With nearly 2,000 residential homes worldwide, the Oxford House program has proved its effectiveness in helping those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to stay sober and thrive. The members’ success in turn is good for families and communities, making Oxford House a model that deserves wide support. But The Eagle’s Tim Potter reported that 15 of the 26 Oxford Houses in Wichita were listed in a directory as of April 14 as having more than the eight residents allowed by the city for recovery homes in single-family zoning areas. That news justifies some of the concern of residents in the historic College Hill neighborhood, where an Oxford House is planned on a street without ample parking as it is. City officials said they will investigate, as they should. A residency limit on recovery houses is only as good as the city’s ability or will to enforce it. – Rhonda Holman