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Opinion Line (April 28)

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If you voted for George W. Bush twice (or once, for that matter), you have no right to criticize President Obama.

If Charles Koch would vet candidate Hillary Clinton like his human resources department assesses potential employees, her lifelong political ambition and propensity to shade the truth would likely disqualify her for even an interview.

Donald Trump not taking Koch campaign money has Charles Koch in a quandary – no puppet strings to pull.

Kansans should be relieved Rep. Mike Pompeo came to his senses and realized he is already in over his head.

Does The Eagle editorial board just sit and wait for Pompeo to say something so they can pounce on it and make him out to be some rotten monster who is trying to destroy our country? Doesn’t seem to matter which way he leans either.

Based on their own ideals, people would insist the Sedgwick County Commission not deal with a company that may be perceived to be against them. Yet when the county majority elect to do that very thing, they are outraged. I can’t find fault with not wanting to utilize a company that doesn’t support them.

I just read about “Morning Mindfulness” time in schools (April 25 Eagle), and wonder what sort of grant money it would take to get something like this started at County Commission meetings.

I’ve lived with asthma for 47 years; it’s almost killed me more than once. I now work in proximity to several people who “vape” throughout the day. Not only does it have no adverse effects on me, most of it smells pretty dang good.

Why can’t the arsonists who have been destroying Joyland one fire at a time be caught? Could it be that the city doesn’t care that it’s being burned to the ground, considering that the City Council refused to help save it?

OK, you are a lawyer. I’ll not hold that against you. But what I don’t like is how you brag about how you rip off the insurance companies with your outrageous settlements. You ought to be ashamed.

After 65 years, I think I’ve finally figured how to behave like a decent human being. I’ll just do the opposite of whatever my fellow baby boomers are doing. I wish I would have realized this when I was young.

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