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Opinion Line Extra (April 27)

I see the NFL is following the NCAA guidelines for alleged guilt and punishment. If you are suspected of wrongdoing, you are automatically guilty.

One easy way to cut education costs would be to go back to the old school calendar from years ago. School would start after Labor Day and let out for the year a little later in the spring. This schedule would greatly reduce utility costs by avoiding the hottest weather.

A Republican must win the presidency, but he might not be able to prevent us from going into the abyss.

Confident manipulation. “The Kasich campaign will give Cruz ‘a clear path in Indiana.’ In return, the Cruz campaign will ‘clear the path’ for Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico.” Really! Do the voters have any say in this?

Hillary Clinton is called a liar because she has proved time and time again to be one.

Cruz is not eligible. The Constitution says nothing about where his mommy was born. An Associated Press article in The Eagle on April 24 stated “most experts say that Cruz is eligible.” I want the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of these “experts.” Maybe we can then explain it to them.

The whole election process is a fraud. The president is not elected by the people but by the electors.

Gov. Sam Brownback certainly learned President George W. Bush’s “my way or the highway” form of governing during his time as a senator during that administration.

How many of our representatives in Topeka have jobs that give them the tax break for businesses?

Somehow the United States managed to survive nearly 150 years without marijuana being criminalized. I don’t advocate for or against its use except to say that, like alcohol, moderation is the key. It is a major potential source of revenue for the federal and state governments.

Whatever happened to the telephone no-call list?

Does another person have to be killed by an unsecured load – like the full pallet of bricks a man lost off of the back of his truck Monday on West Street – before the Police Department starts enforcing the law?

A few short years ago we lost American icon Andy Griffith. But the show lives on. Hey, Andy.

Merle Haggard and George Jones combined did not receive the post-death adulation that Prince did last week, even though their individual careers both enormously surpassed that of Prince in sales and songs written. Maybe Merle and George failed in that they never dressed like women.

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