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Opinion Line (April 27)

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Put Harriet Tubman’s picture on all credit cards. She will get more exposure every day than she will on $20 bills.

What is the matter with employers that essentially want you to be willing to work any schedule – 24 hours a day almost and seven days a week, including all holidays – or they will not hire you? Stupid. Don’t they understand work-life balance?

Maybe I’m a bleeding heart hippie liberal, but I’m totally OK with paying an extra 50 cents for an order of fries if the person who makes me those fries doesn’t have to work three jobs just to survive.

I think Donald Trump is a Democrat ringer running for president with the plan to split the Republican vote and clear the way for Hillary Clinton to become president.

So Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walk into a bar.... Aw – never mind. If one of these two candidates gets elected as president, then we will all be heading to the bar.

Charles Koch is right: Democrats and Republicans have at times governed poorly. But if he’d trusted company secrets to Hillary Clinton, or his children’s lives to her Benghazi judgment, it would be tragic. Not everything should be decided through the prism of economic policy.

Gov. Sam Brownback blames Kansas’ revenue deficit on declining oil and commodity prices. I guess I can blame my seven years of unemployment on misalignment of the planets and my addiction to root beer. Makes about as much sense.

The Wichita school district has one of the lowest administrator-to-student ratios in the state, and yet uninformed individuals would prefer that the largest industry in the city be run by the smallest of staffs. And they are willing to bet your child’s future on it.

Once again teachers are being asked to “recognize that during these tough times, there are some things that we probably won’t be able to do financially,” according to Wichita school board president Betty Arnold (April 25 Eagle). The problem is, it seems like there are always tough times when it comes to teachers.

If you’re going to throw your McDonald’s trash in my yard, the least you can do is leave the Monopoly pieces on it for me.

Wave at a truck driver. Those roads are lonely.

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