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Opinion Line Extra (April 26)

It’s amusing to see our state legislators trying to convince us that they’re serious about doing their jobs now that they realize they have an election facing them in several months.

I am looking forward to this next election with more than a little fear of its outcome. Remember, two years ago our citizens voted for a man to govern our state who wasn’t trusted by his father to drive the family farm combine.

Hypothesis: When Andrew Jackson is replaced by Harriet Tubman on the front of $20 bills, there will be a sharp decline in the use of twenties. The $10 and $50 bills will see increases in usage. Racism is still alive and well.

If the state of Tennessee had succeeded in making the Bible the official book of the state, would it have executed people, per the Bible, who work Sundays, are adulterers, etc.?

George Washington warned us that political parties may now and then appeal to the popular desires of the voters, but over time they will subvert the power of the people and take over the reins of government, destroying our freedoms for their benefit. It looks like we are there now.

Hillary Clinton should choose Jane Fonda for her running mate. They would be perfect. A traitor and a lying criminal. Pretty much the same as what’s in the White House now.

Breast-feeding in public should never be allowed. However, if the lawmakers make it legal they should at least state in the law that women should do so without exposing themselves. There is still such a thing as indecent exposure.

Can the “Recall Ranzau” group now be the “Recall Howell” group? It seems the majority of the county commissioners also want to wage a war on the private sector. Who’s next in their wrath against our community?

There are bathrooms for biologically identified men and bathrooms for biologically identified women. We don’t need government to mandate a “gray” area in this discussion.

The argument over transgender bathrooms will be won when enough men stand up – and enough women sit down.

TV stations tell people to take shelter during a tornado, so why do these stations then air video taken by the people who are supposed to be in their shelters?

If “Bare Necessities” is not constantly floating through your mind, I know which movie you didn’t see. If it is and it brings back memories of Phil Harris, you are as old as me and still loving life.

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