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Opinion Line Extra (April 23)

Will this be the year that voters finally get the guts to get rid of Brownback’s minions in the Legislature? Let’s hope so.

Hey, Governor, is the sun still shining in Kansas?

Why would legislators even think of raising taxes on businesses that, as of today, pay no Kansas income tax, when some of them benefit from it? Because it looks good from a public perspective, when they know Brownback won’t go for it. It’s all politics to get re-elected.

Some in Topeka say Kansas has a spending problem. I want to know on what the money is being spent. With cutbacks to K-12 education, higher education and roads and delayed KPERS contributions, how are Kansans benefiting from all of this overspending?

No money to relieve grossly overworked staff at mental hospitals and prisons, but plenty of money for a shooting range at El Dorado State Park. I guess it’s more important to give NRA members a place to play.

My small hometown near Wichita has had a four-day school week since the ’70s. It also combines its sports with another small town. Good luck, Wichita.

If Congress would do its job of oversight, just cutting out the fraud and waste would probably balance the budget.

My new chant is “Anyone but Hillary!”

Bernie Sanders has it figured out: Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life. Give a man a fish and he’ll vote for you.

If you have any Trump doubts, just think of him as a vast improvement over the current experiment.

Jimmy Carter was simply incompetent. Obama is deliberately damaging the USA. That is the difference.

Stop being afraid of other Americans, other religions, other nations, other races. You are an American. Act like it.

As usual, columnist Davis Merritt ignored entitlements, morality, illegal immigration and political correctness in his explanation of the slide of the U.S. as a world power (April 19 Opinion). It’s the political right’s demand for smaller, less intrusive government.

People threatening to go slower on the highway, complaining about others’ behavior. How Wichita typical.

I hope that the weathermen have enjoyed the nice weather. Not too long from now, people will be calling them and complaining about the heat.

I’m sick to death of hearing about another “endless app.” You’ve got an app for news, an app for weather, an app for tiddledywinks. Enough already.

Until I got one, I didn’t realize that a half-price shake meant I would only get half the flavor.

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