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Opinion Line Extra (April 24)

Imagine: The governor of Virginia actually increased the number of voters in his state.

How to begin to solve the budget crisis: Sell the governor’s mansion, since we really don’t have a governor. Take the retired U.S. Senate pay from the man who is telling us the sun is shining, and apply it to the deficit. And tax everyone in this state equally.

I thought Joan Finney was a bad governor, but Sam Brownback takes the cake. He’s going to ruin Kansas more than it’s already ruined.

Since the Iraq disaster has reared its ugly head again, it’s time to remind the voters how it occurred. Congress and Colin Powell were lied to about the reason for the war (ties to Sept. 11 and WMDs). So Hillary Clinton and Congress can be forgiven since they voted for it.

Donald Trump and not Ted Cruz, “Crooked Clinton” or “Burn me Bernie” is the only chance to clean out some of the rats in Washington, D.C.

Now that Trump’s campaign managers admit that his campaign so far has been an act, one can only shudder at the thought of Act Two and his potential access to the launch codes.

It seems Democrats want to simplify the guns and voting controversy: Go vote and turn in your guns all at the same time. Chelsea Clinton just left little doubt that the Democrats will be coming after the guns now that Antonin Scalia no longer sits on the Supreme Court.

I hope Target can survive on their transgender business, because they just lost mine.

Disregarding “gender identity,” here’s a solution to the restroom quandary: If you have a vagina, use the women’s room, and if you are packing a penis, use the men’s. That is so simple even a liberal can grasp it.

One person said men need to stand up for their wives and daughters concerning transgender restrooms. That is a sexist remark. Wives and daughters need to stand up for themselves, especially in this day of equal rights, equal pay, etc. Stop waiting for men to do it for you.

Go ahead – make my day, punk. Go ahead and blow your foul lung-juice my way, and be prepared to reap the consequences.

I got one of those scam computer virus calls from the “Windows Technical Department.” I told the lady that our house didn’t have any windows, only doors, and she hung up on me. That’s one way to handle those fraudsters.

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