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Opinion Line Extra (April 25)

I know there are those out there who adored Prince, and adored his music. Can I have permission to not be one of them? Can I have permission to simply not care for his music?

I see President Obama made some remarks about the passing of Prince. I don’t recall him going to the media with any comments when Merle Haggard or Glenn Frey passed away. Of course, they were white.

When will Kansans’ finally say, “Enough is enough,” and oust Gov. Sam Brownback? If all Kansas business owners, including the Kochs, paid their fair share of taxes, then there would be no deficit.

The governor may have to make another KDOT sweep and another round of cuts, but the Legislature better rescind the no-tax giveaway for business owners, or we’ll be hearing the same garbage next year at this time. Time is not going to heal this mess.

Is a thrice-married braggart philanderer with four bankruptcies whose idea of charitable giving is donating rounds from his golf course resorts really the leading GOP presidential candidate? Who would have thought Republicans would cede the moral high ground to Democrats in the next presidential election?

Vote for anyone but Hillary in November. Not because she is a woman, but because she is Hillary.

With UnitedHealthcare bailing out of Obamacare, and possibly Blue Cross and others, we have a candidate running for president who will carry this Obamacare legacy forward. I guess Hillary will pay the premiums of all her voters to make sure you’re taken care of.

I bet anyone who thought Obamacare was economically feasible three years ago probably also failed basic math in high school.

Equal pay proposals are not about fairness or even women’s rights. They’re about wage controls by the feds, complete with national wage equalization boards. All Democrat proposals are about more governmental control.

Target is way too far out in right field. I’ll not be a customer in the future. Their politically correct position is unnecessary and offensive.

Funny how all these “bathroom bills” lead all these conservative men to believe they need to pee next to little girls and follow women into bathrooms just to prove a point.

Due to the fact some people should have never reproduced and are complete failures at parenting, it is fascinating to watch their children grow up, while predicting they will end up in prison or dead, and then see that prediction come true.

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