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Opinion Line (April 23)

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Removing Andrew Jackson, the genocidal and slave-holding Democrat, from the front of the $20 bill is a welcome change. Harriet Tubman, the Republican gun-toting shooter of Democrat slavers, shall be nothing but an improvement.

Am I alone in the opinion that Tubman’s face should not be on something as common as money? I hate the idea that a woman of her historical status will be staring at me from the G-string of a stripper.

Quick! Someone write a hit Broadway musical about Andrew Jackson!

Any politician who tells you that they are going to abolish the IRS is either ignorant or lying – unless they have found a way to make the government run for free.

A candidate who cannot get at least half of their own party’s delegates should not be the nominee.

Ted Cruz seems like that annoying kid in class who reminds the teacher that we’re supposed to have a quiz today.

The country should be worried that so many voters are selecting socialism over Hillary. The Democratic Party has failed its members.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said that choosing between Trump and Cruz was like choosing whether to be shot or poisoned. I would submit that choosing from among the four candidates from both parties is like choosing to be hanged, shot, drowned or poisoned.

China suffered grinding poverty for millennia. Chinese communists introduced socialism, but very little changed. Their adoption of capitalism brought people out of poverty and created a middle class. We’re adopting ever more socialism, and our middle class is shrinking. Get it?

Fidel Castro’s speech bragging about his economic achievements was straight out of Sam Brownback’s notebook.

Mr. Brownback, it’s not working!

Brownback has a head full of other people’s ideas and he doesn’t know what to do with them, much less understand them.

Think we need more red tape to protect our voting process? Let’s apply the same logic to gun ownership. If you can’t meet the requirements, then you have no business owning one. Kris Kobach would have no problems finding cases to prosecute.

Driving while high is illegal in Colorado. Stoned teachers or surgeons would be fired. Pot is illegal in Kansas, yet thousands of people still use it. I’d rather be getting the tax revenue, as Colorado is.

We get all concerned, and rightfully so, about CTE brain injuries from football collisions, but we wildly cheer boxing and MMA fighting, where they beat the living bejeezus out of each other.

Someone like Prince dies and it is breaking news. But when Mickey Rooney or Ernest Borgnine died, there was hardly a mention of it.

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