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Opinion Line (April 21)

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Wanted: heads of Kansas state departments. No training or experience necessary. Just loyalty to the Man and ability to defend/rationalize/promote the budget cuts in your department without complaining publicly. PR or marketing training a bonus.

Now that the governor’s economic dreams have proved the utmost of folly, it’s time legislators relegate him to obscurity, do their duty and end what has been a nightmare for Kansas by governing responsibly.

Was the bit about the governor signing a proclamation declaring April as Financial Literacy Month in the section called Kansas Views misplaced? I’m thinking it should have been in “Dubious, bogus and utterly phony headlines.”

If there is one bill that would benefit the people of Kansas, it would be a bill that requires an author or sponsor to be listed for any legislation considered. Anonymous bills rarely have any redeeming qualities. They should not be allowed.

Ever notice how Democrats line up behind the bad guys? For instance, the lifting of sanctions on the Iranian mullahs, establishing relations with the murderous Castro brothers and backing a fundraiser with a terrorism-linked speaker at a local mosque.

Is there a mechanism now in place to ensure that the voting machines in the next election are audited? If not, we’re no better than China or North Korea.

“One legal citizen, one vote”? How do you propose to do that when the Democrat and progressive folks are fighting to keep from having to prove citizenship to even register? They’d lose at least a quarter of their current voter base. That’s why they don’t want that.

General elections should be between the two candidates who get the most votes in primary elections. It shouldn’t matter if they are even from the same political party.

Donald Trump inherited millions from his father and has declared bankruptcy four times. I don’t know if a businessman running the country is a good idea, but doesn’t it make sense to at least choose a successful one?

Washington, D.C., is definitely broken, and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are some of the breakers.

If you believe House Speaker Paul Ryan does not want to be president, you must also believe babies are brought by storks.

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