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Opinion Line Extra (April 19)

If any of the Republican presidential candidates succeeds in gaining the White House, our national recovery will begin.

Trump is a successful businessman. Hillary was a failed senator, secretary of state and more. We need a successful leader – proven, strong and determined. There are no perfect candidates, but Trump has the abilities to lead our country out of the sad state Obama has us in.

Hillary was a senator for eight years and secretary of state for four, yet she lacks any accomplishments. Now we learn she hid her decision to use a private server for official State Department business. How could anyone think she would be an effective president?

If Donald Trump were to get his wish and builds his “wall,” which side of it will his fourth wife be on?

Here’s the Democrat game plan: Work overtime so the government takes that extra money and gives it to someone whose skills and education yield an inadequate living. Don’t want to work overtime? Then your family will do with less.

So a contributor to Opinion Line thinks Obama should blow Russian fighter jets out of the sky. Yeah, like we need another war. I think $2 trillion and thousands of lives thrown away on that rat hole called the Middle East mess is enough for now, thank you very much.

So someone claims we should have shot down the Russian jets that did a low-level flyby on a U.S. Navy ship. Sounds like a Donald Trump wannabe.

Apparently Vladimir Putin doesn’t remember the outcome of the Iran hostage crisis after we got a real president.

Anytime I hear some high and mighty politician or “religious” leader spewing about “morals” and the “sanctity” of marriage, I sit back and start the countdown to their sex scandal.

Since no one admits having voted for Brownback, I have returned to wearing my Davis-Docking campaign button. Please join me with the hope of preventing being saddled with the likes of Kris Kobach, who would certainly continue the destructive Republican siege on Kansas at the behest of the 1 percent.

Must every other commercial be for idiots drinking their liquid drugs of choice? I thought all the prudes with their anti-drug rhetoric would have gotten the commercials for this blight pulled off the air by now.

If you’re in it to make money, you’re in it for the wrong reason. Be in it because it needs to be done.

At my age when nature calls, you answer.

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