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Opinion Line (April 19)

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No more delegates, no more Electoral College. One legal citizen, one vote.

When George W. Bush got elected over Al Gore in the Florida election for president over a hanging chad, I knew the presidential elections were crooked. Gore got most of the votes nationwide, but the Republicans in Florida gave the election to Bush. Your vote does not count.

No one cares how many times Donald Trump has been married, or how much money he has, or how crass his manner is. We just want America fixed, and the politicians have proved unable to do it.

Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite. He rails against the rich when he himself is rich.

On the national news on TV, everything is Hillary, Bernie, the Donald and Cruz. With a 320 million population, we get these four ridiculous people. It would be funny if the results would not be a debacle.

During a debate at WSU, Kansas Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold said the U.S. Supreme Court rulings allow us the right to carry a gun to protect ourselves. Then why can’t I carry a gun on an airplane? Or are there some reasonable limitations to this right?

Teach your daughters to shoot. Because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

Rumor is that Harry Reid plans to relocate to Kansas. The governor and current legislative leaders make a Washington insider feel at home: over-the-top partisanship, fiscal irresponsibility and power grabs against the other branches of government.

What is up with all the traffic on the Wichita streets at 4 p.m. on Fridays? All of you young people need to work until 5 p.m. to fund my Social Security retirement. Don’t leave work early.

Westar Energy got another rate increase. Then we got a power outage to celebrate.

Tell me one more time why Colorado’s billion-dollar pot business is harmful?

Am I the only one who thinks it is child endangerment and the state should take a close look at a couple’s parenting when they allow their child to remain in the yard while they mow the grass?

Remember back in the ’80s when you planted all those maple trees in your yard and the garden center you bought them from assured you they were seedless?

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