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Opinion Line Extra (April 17)

As far as I am concerned, magnet schools are the same as private schools, and parents should pay for them, including busing.

I have an idea for a school fundraiser. How about Brownback dartboards, doormats, voodoo dolls? The possibilities are endless.

A letter writer complained about the governor and his tax policy, then went on to state he voted for him twice. Next time maybe he should think twice before he pushes the “R” button.

Politicians who think they know more about science than scientists and more about medicine than doctors are the worst kind of demagogues. It’s practically a religion: Blessed Adorers of the Blissfully Ignorant.

It is wrong for State Treasurer Ron Estes and Attorney General Derek Schmidt to personally appear on TV commercials because it is, for all intents and purposes, campaigning and using tax money to do so.

The current controls on liquor sales were put in place to try to pacify the Bible thumpers in Kansas. They have nothing to do with any logical retail system.

Our planet can’t afford more affordable fossil-fuel energy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned that the Zika virus is a bit scarier than first thought. Did they not see the children’s birth defects? Probably too busy working on a climate change project.

Donald Trump states the obvious and gets lambasted by all sides. Why? Drugs are illegal and both the user and the pusher can be punished. Prostitution is illegal and both the john and hooker can be punished. Why should abortion, if made illegal, be any different?

Good governance beats bad governance, but we suffer a lot of the latter. The federal government actually is the problem, consuming an ever larger share of our economy, very little of which is an investment in America’s future.

Just once I would like to see Richard Crowson draw a fair, balanced, honest editorial cartoon. Most Eagle readers are sick of his liberal, leftist views.

I await a Crowson work showing our own Gov. Sam Brownback up on the high wire with the mighty Wallendas. Didn’t they all fall?

So happy to hear the Frank Lloyd Wright house will expand its tours. In the last 10 years I have visited three Symphony Showhouses on the same street and had always hoped I could get a look inside without needing an appointment.

Some things are too cool for some people in Wichita. Willie C’s and then the Rowdy Beaver closed. We can hope cheap gasoline isn’t next.

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