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Opinion Line Extra (April 16)

If you think crime doesn’t pay, take a look at the U.S. Congress.

Pity the poor Democrat women. They want their first woman president, not the worst president.

Once again, Donald Trump is correct. This country’s political parties have rigged the election system so much that the citizens are not the ones who choose the president.

Straight out of the Twilight Zone, many Republicans believe in the strange ideology of supporting an arrogant, vile, divisive candidate who has insulted women, minorities and veterans (John McCain’s amazing bravery as a prisoner of war) and (understandably) has never held an elected public office.

The GOP is well aware the majority of its membership is incapable of voting intelligently. In fact, the GOP depends on these very voters to blindly vote party instead of their own best interest. Now Trump comes along and, deservedly so, it all blows up in the GOP’s face.

The biggest downfall of President Obama is that he follows his own ideology instead of the facts.

President Obama vowed “no political influence” in the Clinton e-mail probe. Right. From the guy who promised the most transparent administration ever. Then produced one of the absolute least transparent ever.

Kansas State University is looking for a new president. Look no further than alum Sam Brownback. He can make more as its president than at the governor’s mansion. Plus, that job will last longer than his remaining two years. A win-win for Kansas.

Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook is concerned about protecting students’ privacy (April 14 Eagle). Who is going to protect us from Pilcher-Cook?

If you don’t pay taxes you should have no say in how taxes are spent.

I called with a question about my Kansas income tax. After I had pushed many buttons, the phone rang once and a recorded voice said all representatives were busy and to call later. Then the call was disconnected. Great customer service, burdened no doubt by our governor’s budget cuts.

If you base your hatreds in Christian beliefs, you are not a Christian.

When police officers are working off duty but in uniform for a business, they should wear a badge indicating that they are working for the business. As such are they then private security officers or still “on duty” police officers?

To the person complaining about the Riverfest buttons: I’m sure your cousin, brother or sister who has Photoshop would have done a much better job.

What kind of Neanderthal throws trash (chewed gum, candy wrappers, etc.) into a urinal?

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