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Opinion Line Extra (April 14)

I have nothing against women wearing pantsuits. But why do Hillary Clinton’s outfits have to be almost universally ugly? Won’t someone with some taste in clothing please, please take her shopping?

I’m convinced that Hillary Clinton and Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, use the same fashion designer, since the only difference in their attire is the colors.

I am not voting for Ted Cruz because he looks like Grandpa Munster.

“Natural born citizen” does not necessarily mean born on U.S. soil. Based on more than 200 years of law, including numerous clarifications by Congress, it means a citizen from birth with no need to go through naturalization proceedings. Yes, Ted Cruz is eligible, so enough already.

Obama equating terrorism to falls in a bathtub solidifies how out of touch this president really is.

Republicans are no longer “conservative.” They are intent on destroying solid American values: good schools, good roads, public health, voting rights and just plain fairness. Better terms for them are “radical,” “repressive” and “despotic.”

Many letters are screaming about Gov. Sam Brownback, and rightfully so. Know what could be worse? Gov. Kris Kobach. Don’t kid yourself – he’s poised for a run for it.

Now that Kobach has claimed credit for part of Donald Trump’s wall plan, can we assume he and Brownback will be planning to build a wall around Kansas to keep residents from fleeing the state? Which they are doing (i.e., the KSU president going to Washington State University).

Kobach’s attempt to disenfranchise Spanish-speaking voters is a new low, even for him.

I am finishing up my state income taxes. My income is down 2 percent; my Kansas income tax is up 14 percent.

Sam Brownback and Todd Butler must be soul mates. Brownback is well on his way to destroying the state of Kansas while Butler has done the same with Shocker baseball. Can’t they just take a hike and let more capable people rebuild from their failures?

One word for the 2016 Wichita River Festival buttons: ugly.

As of April 9, fuel prices were 40 cents per gallon less in Oklahoma City than in Wichita – a new record. Maybe what we need is a Costco every couple of miles instead of a huge convenience store.

Ann McFeatters’ column on the April 12 Opinion page was like a breath of fresh air. How refreshing and encouraging to read good news for a change.

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