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Kris Kobach claims credit for part of Trump’s wall plan

Kobach AP

Mitt Romney’s association with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach didn’t prove to be an asset at the 2012 polls, with Romney’s adoption of Kobach’s proposal that undocumented residents “self-deport” cited as a reason the Republican nominee earned so little of the Hispanic vote. But Kobach now claims credit for having drafted some of GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s controversial plan to force Mexico to pay for a wall along its 2,000-mile border with the United States. And “I have been in touch with Mr. Trump directly and his campaign team about this issue,” Kobach told the Topeka Capital-Journal. The strategy involves leveraging Mexico to pay for the wall by threatening to block money transfers from Mexican nationals working in the United States. Might Kobach have an even closer association in mind? Conservative columnist Ann Coulter recently suggested a Trump-Kobach ticket. – Rhonda Holman