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Opinion Line Extra (April 11)

Know any teachers? Ask them for an honest answer about “in-service” days. They will tell you they often are of little to no value and nothing more than a teachers union negotiated requirement.

Legislators in Topeka are no longer funding and managing schools in order to make schools better. They are vandalizing schools.

I don’t even have kids, and I think that starting school at 7 a.m. is insane. Seriously, what the devil are people thinking? Just admit it’s a horrible, ill-conceived idea, and let’s move on, shall we?

I would like to find the guy who figured out the unemployment rate in America is 5 percent. If he used the same formula on my taxes, I’m thinking he could cut my bill by at least 50 percent.

No spouse of a past president who advocated sending our manufacturing jobs overseas should be allowed in the White House.

Thanks to Sam Brownback, Ray Merrick, Susan Wagle and the GOP-dominated Legislature, a 90-year-old widow with Alzheimer’s now owes $400 in income tax after disallowance of her medical expenses on state tax forms. Keep giving cash to those worthy LLCs, to the detriment of everyone else.

Kansas’ economy is 46th in the nation because of Brownback’s tax policies. Tax cuts for business owners and regressive tax increases for the rest of us do not work. What company would move to a state that steals from its highway funds rather than investing in its infrastructure and students?

Shame on Rep. Mike Pompeo for assuming that the Islamic Society of Wichita knew about its speaker’s background. His words placed Wichita Muslims under unnecessary suspicion. He should publicly apologize to them and to our community.

So Pompeo thinks that Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Baha’is – all of the world’s 4,200 religions – are supposed to pay homage to the Christian calendar of holy days by deferring their own events?

Are you a proud American or are you a Democrat?

Wichita, it is OK to pull out into the intersection on a green light for a left turn. It is legal, safer and more efficient.

Thanks to The Eagle for maintaining Opinion page balance by continued inclusion of commentaries by Leonard Pitts and Davis Merritt.

If it is illegal to have an abortion, then why shouldn’t the woman be punished? The whole point is that it is ridiculous to make abortion illegal. You do not have a right to tell a woman that she cannot have an abortion.

With the new crime series out about O.J. Simpson, I realized something. When he struggled to try and make the glove fit, it was probably the best bit of acting he had ever done.

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