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Opinion Line (April 11)

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Speeding is out of control in Wichita. The city needs to bring back motorcycle officers.

Hey, idiot tailgaters, why are you in such a hurry to pass me and get stuck behind the guy I’m stuck behind? Riding my bumper is not going to make me drive faster or move over. I will, however, slow down a bit. Just to aggravate you.

I agree the cruise-control losers need to stay in the right lane of K-96, Kellogg and the Canal Route. This way the left lane will be open for all the future Darwin Award winners who drive in Wichita.

Finally, with Sedgwick County’s newsletters, we’ll be able to get all the Howell, Ranzau and Peterjohn propaganda we want straight to our inbox, without The Eagle telling us what is actually going on.

Is it too much to ask Sedgwick County commissioners to stay in their lane? No other community would tolerate local elected officials griping about national politics constantly, things they will never be able to solve or even vote on. Local people elected you. Stay on target.

We have had at least three purportedly pro-life GOP presidents since the Roe decision. None has tried to outlaw abortion. Republicans need the issue to fundraise off more than they oppose abortion. Donald Trump will not make abortion illegal either.

Why should Trump’s comment about punishing women for abortion be astonishing, when Republican legislatures all over the nation are doing a good job of that by passing restrictive laws and refusing to fund contraception?

The world is on fire. Economics are upside down, yet some people will vote solely on gender politics, abortion on demand and homosexual marriage. No one will have a good day unless we vote in dedicated people who understand what is important.

One Clinton can be justifiably blamed for allowing Sept. 11 to happen. Let’s not make the same mistake with Hillary.

Bernie Sanders’ comments about Hillary being unqualified didn’t fit his reasoning. I think “undeserving of average Joe America’s vote” is what he really meant.

How many who aren’t paying off their student loans are doing so only because they subscribe to the leftist belief they shouldn’t have to?

“The Big Short,” about the housing meltdown in 2008, is irritatingly accurate. Germany and Japan could not beat us with bullets and bombs. No, we are rotting from within because of liars, thieves and cheats in business and politics.

I am wondering how much the writer with tender shins (April 6 Opinion Line) has contributed to the Orpheum Theatre’s renovation fund.

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