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Opinion Line (April 10)

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Obama has taken the country so far to the left that soon you will have to carry your birth certificate to go into a public restroom.

I just always use the restroom that’s the cleanest.

If I am an LGBT citizen of Mississippi and own a business, can I refuse to serve straight people on general principle, or do I have to have a deeply held religious belief in order to do so?

We didn’t have a president from 1993 to 2001. We haven’t had a president from 2009 to date. Lord, help us if we end up with another four to eight years without a president.

I saw a bumper sticker – “Another bankruptcy lawyer for Brownback.”

So where is this economic paradise that Gov. Sam Brownback continues to promise? The obvious reality is that it doesn’t exist and it never will. His entire theory and its implementation to date have been bankrupt. It is the largest and only elephant in the room.

Brownback and state lawmakers aim to unpack the courts that were previously packed by Govs. Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson.

The Legislature wants to figure out a new school funding formula that wouldn’t get axed by the Supreme Court? Then go back to the delicately balanced old one. That has already passed muster on equity and adequacy. The Republicans threw the baby out with the bathwater on block grants.

So the proposed voucher program would allow parents to get paid thousands of dollars by the state to “educate” their kids at home. Well, I can’t see any problems with that.

More money. That will solve the terrible schools. More money. That will make parents more responsible. More money. That will make teachers better. More money. That will make the thoughtless advocates feel good about themselves. Indeed, they have done their job for humanity.

Life is strange. We use too much electricity and the rates go up. We use too little water and the rates go up. We don’t use bike paths at all so we build more.

Stop whining about the bike lanes. Those lines will wear away soon enough, just like all the other lines on the streets. And it will be like forever before the city repaints them, just like all the other lines on the streets.

Come on, Wichita – time to get into the 21st century and remedy the ridiculous situation of railroads blocking streets whenever the mood hits them. That and the constant tearing up of roads and streets make this a most inconvenient place to live. It is no wonder companies pull up stakes.

City Council member Lavonta Williams stated there are more than 9,000 cases on “blighted” properties in this city. With some of these lots that have taken 25 years to get in that shape, this means the code enforcement people will be dead before anything changes.

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