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Opinion Line Extra (April 6)

The media and the establishment are desperate because they are being drowned out and overwhelmed by the silent majority.

Why isn’t there a furor about where Ted Cruz was born, like there was about President Obama’s birthplace? It is a known fact that Cruz was born in Canada, so how is he able to run for president?

Bernie Sanders says that “women have a right to control their bodies.” My grandma always taught me that “you have the right to control your body by saying ‘no.’” Abortion makes it easy to say “yes.” I never had to make that decision thanks to you, Grandma.

I am pro-choice, but I hope the women choose pro-life.

If Hillary Clinton is indicted by the grand jury, will she be named on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list?

Only one president has had 241 Marines killed on his watch in Beirut. Choke that down, Benghazi haters. I’m sure Reagan didn’t want that to happen any more than Clinton wanted Benghazi to happen.

I just heard the jobs report and that 215,000 jobs were added last month, proving once again that the economy is on fire and Obama’s policies are working. Well done, sir.

Apparently Obama has solved all of this country’s problems, since he has time to scare children by reading to them and to spend tax money making it easier to hack into the White House, and Joe Biden shows up in the locker room after a basketball game.

Secretary of State John Kerry has decided that ISIS is committing genocide, primarily against Christians. He could have reached that conclusion two years ago by simply watching CNN.

In his April 3 column, Thomas Friedman contended that peace in the Middle East is contingent on Sunni and Shiite Muslims reconciling their differences. Good luck.

Well, Sen. Jerry Moran must have been told he would have a primary opponent with huge funding from a billionaire, because he was again willing to give up his principles.

We do our best to spread our business around and support the little guy and the locals. And we never, ever buy any form of alcoholic beverage from anywhere except a liquor store.

You KU bashers are cute. Jealous, but cute.

I’m a die-hard Jayhawk fan. That being said, I can’t help but think WSU would have several national championships if it would have had KU’s players.

What KU’s basketball program needs is a assistant coach like Ed Manning.

Pets and all animals are worth everything. There is something wrong with your soul if you believe they aren’t worth anything.

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