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Opinion Line (April 6)

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If your basement is flooding, would your raise the ceiling or stop the leak? Same with radical terrorists.

Instead of helping to cancel a speaking engagement at the Islamic Society of Wichita, why didn’t Rep. Mike Pompeo show leadership by attending the event and hearing what the speaker had to say? Who knows what he might have learned? Or was that the real reason he chose to stay away?

The April 2 article about the cancellation of the speaker seemed to be just a slam on Pompeo. It certainly didn’t discuss whether advocating the destruction of the state of Israel is authentic Islamic teaching, or address other issues that cause legitimate concern among the non-Islamic world.

There is a word for people who would bring guns to a protest at a mosque: terrorists.

After reporting graffiti to the city, I am left with the impression they don’t really want to know about it. It was less time, trouble and pain to get a root canal.

The City Council can find money for more bike paths and free accessories, but has to raise fees to pay for public golf course maintenance that will cost many seniors. People should be outraged.

What chemical imbalance causes obsession and fear of a few bike lanes? What might be accomplished if science discovered a cure?

“Kansas’ economy ranked 46th in the nation.” OK, but imagine where it would have been without Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax policies?

There was a time when families were expected to provide for all the needs of their family, and the love and commitment of these families were more than enough for their children. Taxpayer-funded spending and bureaucracy have proved not to be the answer to our society’s problems.

I can’t believe the new Wichita Center for the Arts will include cooking but will not include theater.

Wichita’s Orpheum Theatre seating is fit for no man. The acts are great, but I can still feel on my shins where on my last visit those retrofitted balcony seats cut nearly to the bone. Notice I said “my last visit.”

Why buy a front-row ticket to a concert and then stand the whole time and block the view of a 9-year-old girl? You should have bought a pit ticket if you wanted to stand the whole concert.

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