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Opinion Line Extra (April 5)

If the person wants your vote, ask them what their plan is to fix the mess we are in. If their only response is how bad the other person is, they have no plan and nothing will change.

I want to be on the jury that sends Hillary Clinton to prison.

Let’s hope Bernie Sanders is saving all those millions of dollars he’s been receiving from donations so he can hand out all the leftover money to those who want free college when the elections are over. Go, Bernie! Gimme some of that money!

Anderson Cooper is a 5-year-old – not to mention arrogant and prideful. I hate his interviews. I never have seen a good interview by him of anyone at any time on any subject.

Facebook is dangerous. Postings are now subject to the thought police, and a person expressing a controversial view may end up making national headlines, thus losing their job and reputation.

We should substitute “cowardly acts” and “cowards” for “terrorist acts” and “terrorists.” Perhaps people wouldn’t be so eager to join ISIS if they were to be branded with a shameful name.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks we can win over ISIS with understanding and love. Another Pollyanna liberal living his sheltered life from the real world. Wake up. They hate us more than they love their own children. Strapping bombs to kids and women is going to take more than understanding to stop.

Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz love to talk foreign policy. Americans have much bigger worries than a few terrorists here or there. Stop with the fearmongering and focus on domestic issues that really matter day to day. Bernie Sanders is, and to some extent so is Donald Trump.

Kansas Republicans are quite happy to give businesses a pass on paying state income tax. Then to pay for it, they implement a record increase in sales tax, cut education spending, and take money that should be spent on bridges and roads. Sad to say that they will get re-elected.

Brownback’s sun is surely not shining on those needing mental/behavioral health care help in Kansas. Long-term reforms for mental health care should be a priority. Brownback may need some help himself sooner than he might expect.

Instead of teens stealing 3.2 beer from unmonitored coolers, as they do now, they will be able to steal the good stuff. Grocery stores cannot control or check as adequately as liquor stores.

Consider this: Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Along comes technology, forcing workers out of work. Folks go on unemployment or welfare. These folks vote Democratic. Is this a great country or what?

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