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Opinion Line (April 5)

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If you burn grass in the Flint Hills, it’s to rejuvenate the pasture. If your grass burns in Barber County, you get federal aid. Must be different kinds of grass.

Is there DNA on discarded cigarettes that cause fire damage?

Want to know why there is so much road construction going on? Because all of the counties are trying to get work done before Gov. Sam Brownback gets his hand on the rest of the highway funds.

Westar Energy is raising rates for residents and lowering rates for businesses – just like Brownback’s tax cuts. And we all know how great that worked out.

Anyone naive enough to believe that small businesses aren’t paying state taxes are really not even worth the effort of arguing with on the subject.

The only people who feel embarrassment and shame over the transgender restroom bill are the people on The Eagle editorial board, who dearly love to pummel us with self-righteous and condescending lectures. The rest of us don’t really care what the left-wing kooks think.

Why does the transgender community insist on making bathrooms a big deal? If one is “transitioning,” then just go into the bathroom that fits what you say you are, close the stall door, do your business and leave. Any other accommodation makes you petty, nothing more.

I am a Christian and I know that Christians differ significantly on many issues, including the major issues of abortion, capital punishment and homosexuality. It is therefore hard for me to side with those who believe that all Muslims are fanatics who want to kill non-Muslims.

No, media – Donald Trump saying he won’t take nuclear weapons off the table is not saying, “Europe, we will nuke you.”

In the photo of world leaders at the nuclear confab, President Obama held up his fingers in the universal peace sign while the others stood stoically. This amazing leader shows once again what’s truly in his heart and why the world should be grateful for his vision and caring.

Republicans in Congress claim Obama cannot nominate someone to the Supreme Court “because he is in the last year of his tenure,” so members of Congress also in their last year of tenure should be forbidden to participate in any voting or committee hearings.

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