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So they said


▪  “He won by 5 1/2 lengths and I won by 11” percentage points. – Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., in a talk at Topeka West High School, likening his hard-fought 2014 re-election to how American Pharoah overcame the lengthy Belmont Stakes to win the 2015 Triple Crown

▪  “Thanks to the federal government, on this date in 2010, they instituted the Affordable Care Act, and so we have much more affordable and more access to health care than we’ve ever had before. I am being sarcastic, of course.” – Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Jim Howell, during the “Other” portion of Wednesday’s meeting

▪  “We’re fatigued, we’re angry, we’re mad.” – Sen. Jim Denning, R-Overland Park, expressing frustration with the state’s finances and governor going into what was the last week of the regular session

▪  “Everybody is in favor of local control until they’re not.” – Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, R-Hutchinson, during a discussion of the Legislature’s meddling in local government at a recent public forum

▪  “I know you all are wondering if the most important issues have been tackled, and we have allowed air guns in schools now, so that is taken care of.” – Rep. John Wilson, D-Lawrence, at a public forum last weekend, noting the House-passed bill requiring schools to welcome air gun clubs