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State GOP convention heard calls to oust judges

Besides calling the League of Women Voters “communist,” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach threw another partisan bomb in remarks at the recent Kansas GOP convention – one just as unbecoming of the person trusted to oversee Kansas’ elections. According to Hawver’s Capitol Report, Kobach also said: “The Kansas Supreme Court has gone off the rails, and with the education decision has seized the power of the purse.” Kobach called for the ouster of every justice up for retention other than Brownback appointee Caleb Stegall. “Tell your friends to get rid of them at the bottom of the ballot, to vote not to retain them, except for Stegall,” Kobach said. According to Hawver, a similar message was delivered at the Kansans for Life breakfast by former state Rep. Lance Kinzer, now KFL’s president. Pointing to the Kansas Court of Appeals’ recent 7-7 split decision on an abortion law, Kinzer advocated “no” votes for the retention of Judges Steve Leben, Karen Arnold-Burger, G. Gordon Atcheson and G. Joseph Pierron, and asked for contributions to help oust them. – Rhonda Holman