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If Bush can’t win, Dole hopes Rubio will

Rubio AP

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole has called Marco Rubio his second favorite in the GOP nomination race, recognizing the poor prospects for his top pick, Jeb Bush. “If it’s not Jeb, I hope it’s Rubio,” Dole told National Review. He went on: “We have to have a nominee, Republicans, who can bring the party together and reach out to moderates and independents and not just the far right wing. I don’t know whether (Donald) Trump could bring the party together,” Dole said. “I’ve never met him, but he’s probably a good person. I never meet rich people.” Dole also called for reforming campaign finance, and stopping some super PACs. “There’s just too much money in all the campaigns,” he said. – Rhonda Holman