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Polling has Statehouse conservatives smiling

If the state’s conservative Republican leaders seem confident that Kansans are solidly behind them, one reason may be a recent survey by Oklahoma City-based GOP pollster Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates. Among the findings from a Jan. 4-6 survey of 500 registered and likely voters: A generic Republican candidate for the Legislature holds a 17 percentage point lead over a generic Democrat, tying the widest margin in the firm’s more than 20 years of surveying Kansans. “The commitment of 44 percent of voters to a generic Republican candidate for state Legislature is the highest we have ever recorded.” And a generic Republican presidential candidate comes out 21 points ahead of a generic Democrat. Taking shots at “the chattering class” and “newspaper editorial boards,” the polling firm concluded in a memo: “The Republican coalition is more emboldened in Kansas in 2016 than it was prior to historic Republican legislative victories in 2012.” – Rhonda Holman