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Were Colyer loans unlawful or just bizarre?

Kansans apparently weren’t bothered by the comings and goings of three $500,000 loans from Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer to the Brownback campaign – at least not enough to keep the governor from being re-elected in November. But it’s hard to believe many bought Colyer’s explanation that the loans were “good money management” when the transactions seemed timed to make the campaign appear more flush than it was whenever campaign-finance reports were due. Now, according to the Associated Press, a federal grand jury in Topeka is looking into loans made to the campaign, which could include Colyer’s loans and Gov. Sam Brownback’s own $200,000 loan to the campaign. Kansans will have to wait for the process to play out to learn if the loans were unlawful or just bizarre. – Rhonda Holman