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Holmes’ hometown losing only grocery store

Kansas faces a lot of challenges, which is part of why Senate Ethics and Elections Committee Chairman Mitch Holmes’ dress code against women testifying in “low-cut necklines and miniskirts” seemed so dumb as well as sexist. It was good to see Holmes apologize Tuesday and “retract the conferee guidelines,” as he put it. While Holmes was briefly defending his fashion don’ts, his hometown of St. John, population 1,300, took a blow all too common in Kansas’ rural communities these days – hearing that its only grocery store, Dillons, would close Feb. 6 after seven decades in business. Its loss will leave only one grocery store in the county, 12 miles away in Stafford. At a community meeting Sunday night, residents were told there was nothing the city could do to keep the Dillons open, but they’ve launched a Facebook group called Save our St. John Community Grocery Store. – Rhonda Holman