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Sherry Kuehl: Modernize state liquor laws

In 1881, Kansas became the first state to constitutionally ban alcohol, and we’ve been stuck in what amounts to a legislative black hole since then.

Is it asking too much to have 21st-century legislation (forget that – I’d take 20th-century) so I can buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store (not to mention a corkscrew at the liquor store) or a real beer?

I know there’s concern that local liquor merchants might face some economic uncertainty if the law is changed and I can get my pinot grigio at the supermarket. To that I have to say: “Too bad, so sad.” When did the purveyors of alcohol in Kansas become a protected class?

As a woman who appreciates quality customer service, I’m going to guess that if a liquor store has a history of providing a pleasant shopping experience coupled with a knowledgeable staff, it will continue to thrive.

Do not even get me started on the fairy tale that buying alcohol from a “liquor-only” store keeps teens from drinking. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be less true. Take it from a mom in the teen-raising trenches. Most minors are getting their alcohol from their parents’ homes.

You know what keeps kids from drinking? Parents – vigilant, involved, responsible parents.

Seriously, Kansas politicians: Take a big step out of your “way back” machine and realize the people of this great state don’t need a 19th-century legislative nanny. It’s 2015. It’s time to say “hello” to commonsense commerce. Let’s wave goodbye once and for all to 1881.

If you’re with me, let your legislator know. You can find more information at uncorkkansas.com/support.

Sherry Kuehl lives in Leawood and writes the blog snarkyinthesuburbs.com.