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An editorial board can dream, can’t it?

A Salina Journal editorial of “dream headlines for 2016” set hopes awfully high for the new year. Among them: “Kansas governor admits his supply side tax cuts are hurting state.” “Kansas legislators say raids on the Bank of KDOT have to stop.” “Threat to defund Kansas high court no way for real leaders to act, Brownback says.” “Kansas irrigators back Brownback: Farmers, ranchers make serious commitment to save life-giving aquifer.” “Chiefs headed to another Super Bowl.” “With repeal of Brownback tax cuts, state suddenly flush with cash.” “Governor leads effort to join Obamacare and save state’s rural hospitals, aid patients.” “State legislators say they’ll quit shoving their fiscal problems onto local governments.” “Brownback leads charge to ensure safety of fracking.” “Royals prepare for third straight World Series appearance.” – Rhonda Holman