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‘Health lady’ Sebelius has little regret about ACA

Sebelius AP

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, now a speaker and consultant dividing her time between Kansas and Washington, D.C., told Politico that the Affordable Care Act was “a battle worth fighting” and “millions and millions of people are the beneficiaries,” though she “would have much preferred a very smooth rollout and robust enrollment from day one.” The former Kansas governor described how daily “somebody approaches me in the grocery store or in an airport or on a plane and says, ‘Aren’t you that health lady? Aren’t you the one?’ And then they proceed to tell me a story about their own situation, that they have insurance for the first time, about their mother, about their child, about the fact that this has made a difference in their lives, this is the most significant thing that ever happened. This has saved them money, lots of money. This has been a lifesaver in terms of treatment and support.” Sebelius’ advice to leaders inclined to pursue big social programs in the future: “I say go for it.” – Rhonda Holman