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So they said


▪  “If you look back over Barack Obama’s five years now, more or less, of Middle Eastern policy, at every turn ultimately he seems to be putting his finger on the scale in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood or the radical Islamists.” – Secretary of State Kris Kobach, in a discussion on his KCMO Radio show that included talk of Islam infiltrating the GOP

▪  “The Kansas labor force awakens – more Kansans employed than ever before! #ksleg #ksjobs” – Gov. Sam Brownback, in a tweet inspired by “Star Wars”

▪  “In Kansas I understand it is easier to get a divorce than it is to get out of your cellphone contract.” – recently resigned Rep. Steve Brunk, R-Wichita, in a February comment included in a Kansas City Star roundup of notable 2015 quotes

▪  “Yes, my name is Gordon Ramsay, and it’s Chief Gordon Ramsay, not ‘chef.’ But I’ve gotten a lot of jokes about that down here, so he must be fairly popular.” – Duluth, Minn., Police Chief Gordon Ramsay, to a Century II crowd a few days before he was hired as Wichita’s top cop

▪  “Many thanks, can’t wait to start filming Wichita Nightmares” – chef Gordon Ramsay, volatile host of “Kitchen Nightmares” and other shows, tweeting upon news of the other Ramsay’s hiring