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Manuel A. Alfonso: Don’t prop up the Castros

Regarding “Lifting Cuba sanctions helps Kansas farmers” (Dec. 21 Now Consider This): It is well-known that the communist regime in Cuba is totally bankrupt, financially and morally. Its credit is among the worst in the whole world. It owes money to every past trading partner and never pays it back.

Are we to bail out the Castro brothers’ regime, subsidizing and perpetuating the cruelest and longest dictatorship in the history of the Americas? Are we to concede and extend privileges and benefits such as federal credit or loans using American taxpayer money?

Also, we are not trading directly with Cuban citizens or Cuban businessmen, but only with the Cuban dictator and master of the people in Cuba. Do not forget that communist Cuba exercises absolute power and control over the lives, property and patrimony of its citizens. It owns the country. The Castros will never trade absolute power for economic trade.

Are we to keep afloat the tyrannical regime in Cuba by providing the oxygen it so badly needs to continue its oppression and repression? Are we going to be the replacement of the extinct Soviet Union and now the Venezuelan regime?

Are we to concede to the Castro brothers’ demands without demanding democratic reforms, free elections, and respect for human rights and the freedoms that the Cuban people deserve?

The U.S. embargo has not “punished the Cuban people” for the past 50 years. The Castro brothers’ absolutism and Stalinism are the cause of the misery and despair of the Cuban people.

As a reader and concerned citizen, I expected from The Eagle editorial board a condemnation of the brutal regime and demands for the Cuban people to have the same rights, liberty and freedoms we enjoy here. These principles or values are more important than whatever economic benefits we obtain from “trading” with the Cuban dictators.

Are we to abandon all our moral and political values and principles in the name of the dollar?

Manuel A. Alfonso lives in Wichita.