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So they said

Pompeo AP

▪  “There are dozens and dozens of investigations of radical Islamic terrorists in Kansas today.” – Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show

▪  “The nature of it is you have too many chefs in the kitchen. Everyone has their ideas.” – Gov. Sam Brownback, telling WIBW the legislative process is messy

▪  “The target of the tax cuts, which is job creation, this is working.” – Brownback again, pointing to low unemployment and “record” business formation

▪  “I am going to be vigorously pursuing next year taking some money from the education budget for public safety.” – state Rep. John Rubin, R-Shawnee, telling KCUR about his strategy for dealing with staff shortages at the Kansas Highway Patrol, state prisons and KBI

▪  “Infrastructure is the mother’s milk of economic development.” – David Spears, Sedgwick County public works director, using his signature line to introduce his annual before-and-after PowerPoint “road and bridge show” for county commissioners